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Nov 21, 2007 11:22 AM

So I just ordered me a Tasty Q Smoked & Deep Fried Bird...[Moved from LA Board]

the question is... what do I do with it? More specifically, it'll be ready for pickup tonight, after which I will directly be driving it over to my mom's house. But, unless i can slip through a wormhole and fast forward a day into the future, Thanksgiving won't be happening for another 24 hours.

Any Tasty Q bird vets have tips on how best to keep it at it's freshiest, lip-smackin'est, skin-cracklin'est goodest between now and then? Warm in the oven? Reheated?

This rameniac doesn't know squat about cooking anything other than instant noodles and packaged udon after all, and although his mom does, he's admittedly afraid she'll do something wrong to it or Chinese-ify it up somehow hehe...

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  1. Yeah tell her to keep the sticky rice out of it, haha.. we're having one of those Chinesey-fied turkeys tomorrow, too.

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      lol that's our usual thanksgiving! and if your family's like mine, you never actually get to see the full bird on the table do you? mom usually slices it all up beforehand for convenience's sake. i finally convinced them to let me handle it this year...

      1. re: monkuboy

        Sticky rice stuffing is one of the tastiest side dishes I've ever had!

        Rameniac- I don't know about reheating a deep fried turkey whole but I would suggest putting it in the oven covered with foil to warm and taking the foil off for the last 5-10 minutes or so to hopefully preserve the crispiness. Honestly though- I don't know that the bird should be left whole for more than 2 hours or so without cutting it down for refrigeration purposes. You don't want to be dealing with bacterial growth, ...

      2. I say eat it the minute you get home~!

        1. I"m not sure this would be the same for you, but you might want to carve the bird right away instead of letting it stay whole already cooked.

          I picked up a partially thawed Deep Fried Cajun Spiced Turkey from Popeyes, and cut off one side of thigh, wing, slices of breast, and of course, the "oyster" to keep for myself while putting away the rest (still uncarved) in the fridge for a friend who'd agreed to take them the next day. I heated up some of my portions (Super delicious!) and also refrigerated the rest of mine.

          The next day, my friend came to pick up his portion and went home. I got a call a few hours later with the bad news. Apparently, the bacteria has taken oven. It stank, and was inedible! What a waste! My portion that I didn't heat the night before didn't go bad though. I think inside the turkey can be a breeding ground for bacterias and if I had roasted the entire bird right away and carved it and then put it away, my friend would have been able to enjoy this turkey for the next few days....

          So, if you're going to have a Chinesified turkey dinner anyway, I'd carve it up and put it away properly. By the way, the cajun spice was especially delicious with nice hot steamed white rice!