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Nov 21, 2007 10:02 AM

Visiting in December - please check my list

My husband and I will be visiting Montreal in a few weeks. We've been a number of times and are familiar with many spots as we love to shop and seek out new food destinations. So far on my list is the following places I've heard have interesting items, or good spots for food and drink. If you feel some of these are not worth the trouble, or have some others to add I would very much appreciate any and all input. Thanks fellow CHounders.

Hardware Dante - never been!!
Les chocolates de chloe - looks fabulous
Masion Cakao - also looks wonderful
gourmet laurier
Milano Grocery store - saw something on tv about it
cusine et dependance - read about it in a magazine - looks good
merchant boeuf bar brassierie - sounds like they have great burgers
brunoise - loved the orginal spot which is now closed - never been to the new one
kitchen falene
chez epicier
le club chasse et peche
pullmans bar
joe beef and/or Liverpool house
Montee de lait
Via Dante

As you can probably tell, our tastes are pretty varied and we don't mind travelling around.
I hope I've done my homework but if something should be added and/or deleted or is an absolute MUST please let me know. Obviously we may not get to all of these spots this time, but there is always next time. We loooove Montreal.

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  1. We went to Cuisine et Dépendance on Friday night, and were pleasantly surprised. Not the best meal I've ever had, but really tasty nonetheless. Good, non-overbearing service. You should enjoy it.
    However, I'm starting a pool to see how long someone jumps in with "APdQ." I think there's some unwritten law that demands that someone mention it as "the" place to go.

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    1. re: rillettes

      Okay well let me beat them to the punch.....we've already been so no need to suggest...thanks everyone!!! And thanks rillettes, hopefully you won the pool :)

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        Can you tell us more about your visit to CeD?

      2. Ok, there's about 3-1/2 neighbourhoods in there !!!

        Little Italy : to Quinquallerie Dante and Milano I would add the following Caffe Italia for some good coffee and panetone and a stroll at the Jean-Talon Market. This should take you about a very large 1/2 day.

        Outremont/Mile End : Gourmet Laurier, Cuisine/Dépendance et Montée de Lait : I add Les Touilleurs (kitchen equipment), Anise Bazaar, L'Atelier(5308, boulevard Saint-Laurent) and Bagels (either Fairmont Bagels or St-Viateur Bagels), and maybe a bit further on St-Denis St. "Les 3 Petits Bouchons" and Justine Bistrot à Vin. All this will involve a bit of walking, but there are tons of stores and places to stop on Laurier St. and St-Laurent Boul.

        Old Montréal/Downtown : I don't know much about that area, It's not my 'hood, but "Le Club Chasse et Peche" is very good, I would add Aszu (212 RUE NOTRE-DAME OUEST) which received good reviews. I know that in the area there a couple of nice places for lunch ( Olive Et gourmando and Le Cartet )

        Other suggestions :

        Pinxto ( Roy St.) for pinxto and tapas.
        La Porte (St-Laurent st.) for french.

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        1. re: Maximilien

          Re: Old montreal: if you can't get into olive and Gourmando, go across the street and kitty corner to Bouchees Gourmandes, a small little bakery that also does coffees and lunch specials. Service can be a bit slow, but it adds to the relaxed atmosphere and everything is made on the premises and with love. Really wonderful simple food, very satisyfying. Great place to unwind.

        2. your list looks like a montreal foodies perfect escape. However, I would not go out of my way to go to Via Dante. The last meal I had up there was unimpressive compared to your other selections which are all exceptional choices. I also found it to be out of the way and difficult to find parking. Make sure to reserve at Joe Beef as they are often turning people away. Consider Restaurant Bronte. Very Pricey but I was there three weeks ago and had an outstanding exprience.

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          1. re: crispy1

            There is no point in changing your parking place between Quincaillerie Dante and the other Little Italy locations and Via Dante, if you decide to eat there (I haven't eaten there in several years so can't give a current review, when I did, I loved the fish soup). It is just a couple of short blocks east of Quincaillerie Dante.

            You don't need your car at all unless you are buying heavy groceries or cookware - the métro is close by.

            1. re: lagatta

              Thanks everyone, and crispy1 I am honoured. Good to know I've put together a perfect foodies escape. We have family that we visit first and afterwards treat ourselves to a night or two at The Nelligan. We've been to Olive and Gourmando many times, and the one across the street. Love the ambience. Definitely planning on a bagel run but didn't make mention of it above... figured it was law. :) I realize the areas are spread out but we don't mind, this is what we love to do. Drive around, checking out new spots. Thanks again everyone, and keep the suggestions coming...much appreciated.

              1. re: millygirl

                Have you been to Cocoa Locale on Parc near Villeneuve? I'd add it to the must-try list! Search the board for many references. Top-notch cupcakes and cakes with interesting flavours like chocolate chai, spicy chocolate, and red velvet. Tiny store with no seating, so it's take-out only.

                1. re: kpzoo

                  No but it sounds wonderful...thanks kpzoo I will definitely put it on my list to try. If not this trip, we'll be back in the spring. In fact, I do recall seeing the name somewhere. Love this kind of stuff. I usually tear ads and reviews out of magazines....this venue is way better.

                2. re: millygirl

                  If you're staying in old montreal, you should definitely stop in at Europea for some macarons. They are really, really good. 33 rue Notre-Dame West.

                  1. re: mainsqueeze

                    I've been to a restaurant called Europea....had a great tasting menu but can't recall the address. I think it may have been on Crescent. Anyways this is a different place I'm sure...I'm guessing its a bakery. I will check it out...thanks.

                    1. re: millygirl

                      I think Espace Europea (the patisserie with the macarons) is owned by the same people as those who own the restaurant Europea (on de la Montagne street). Check for more details.

                      Espace Europea is a boutique, lunch counter, and bakery. They have "Boites a Lunch" specials that are apparently really good, but I haven't had the opportunity to try them. The baked items are delicious, in particular the macarons. It's hard to find a good macarons in this city, so this place was an excellent find for me.

                      1. re: mainsqueeze

                        Yes that's right de la Montagne, thats the one. Our dinner there was very nice. Although didn't really care for the blue plates, prefer white but that is minor detail. Sounds can't get macarons here in Toronto at all. Most pastry shops won't bother because of the work involved. thanks so much for the tip....I will definitely check it out.

            2. Howdy!

              If you are interested in Milano, I'd also recommend Vieille Europe (3855 Saint Laurent).

              There's a discussion of local burger joints here:

              And I would second, Maximilien's suggestion of Aszu.