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May 30, 2006 03:19 PM


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I went to Maverick over the weekend and had a very mixed experience. Service was great, and I liked the decor. Some food was quite good -- most notably a salad with blue cheese and walnuts and also a fried artichoke starter -- but the mains were nothing special, and I found the place to be expensive. I don't intend to go back.

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  1. I couldn't agree more-food was OK but not that great for the price

    1. I went last night for Valentine's day, which perhaps is an atypical dining experience, and had a mixed experience as well. It was a set menu of four courses: duck confit, crab salad, steak, and a cream puff. Everything was OK, but somewhat unimaginative, like hotel food. We did like that the serving sizes were reasonable--nothing was too gigantic.

      The big problem was service, though. We felt rushed throughout our meal, as if our table were needed by a more important customer, and our server was not particularly warm or welcoming. When our plates were taken away, the next course would appear a few seconds later. Our reservation was at 6:30 and we were already walking down the street to my house at 7:30.

      1. An hour for four courses -- sounds like speed-eating. Valentine's Day is really assembly line (like hotel food) dining, though. That's why I would never recommend that people eat out on Valentine's Day. So much more romantic to do your dining at home, where there's some peace and privacy!

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          We saw the take-out Valentine's Day menu at Gregoire and were drooling over that for a while.

          Even though I know some of the service/food issues were a result of V-day, I probably would not return to Maverick. There are too many mid-range SF restaurants I'd jump at the change to visit again; namely, Range in that neighborhood.

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            Gregoire's a good option for V-Day, I did it in '06 and '05. $75 prix fix for two is about half what you'll pay at a sit down restaurant, though still pricey by Gregoire standards (I usually have dinner for two there for $45). Didn't do it this year because they changed the quails with foie gras stuffing and a raspberry demi to quails with mushroom stuffing and a foie demi.

        2. Isn't Maverick the restaurant that does those mystery dinners (you guess what you've been served - most correct wins some kind of prize, I think)?

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            My first thought was "oh c'mon," but you're right! I hadn't heard of their mystery night. Apparently the next one is April Fool's Day. Article:

            I quite like Maverick for brunch. We've been a couple of times in the last few months and would happily return. We have never been rushed, but we are usually there late, so it's not packed or anything.