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Nov 21, 2007 09:24 AM

My carrot cake cupcakes are ugly.

Really ugly. Sunken tops. Torn as they were hard to remove from the cupcake pan.


What can I do with these homely (yet still tasty) chunks of carrot cake? Trifle? Any other recommendations?

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  1. Trifle sounds good - or a bread pudding.

    1. Make ice cream croutons with them?

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        I have some leftover from making the trifle, and I am defintely going to make ice cream croutons. Genius!

      2. I thought bread pudding, immediately, as wildswede did.

        Or...I wonder if there's anyway to toast them and "savory them up" (via other ingredients) to make a dressing?

        Or...since carrot cake is so most, roll larger chunks till they're thin, baste with butter, line muffin tins, pre-bake for a few minutes, fill with cheesecake or cream cheese filling?

        Or...along the idea of the trifle, use to line an apple charlotte?

        Or...failing all those probably impractical ideas...nothing wrong with using them in a trifle or to layer parfaits. I was just thinking...rum raisin ice cream might be really tasty for that! Yum.

        1. Sorry Martha! How about slicing the top off and put cream cheese butter frosting in between the top (lid) and the cupcake and dollop on top? oops sorry just noticed that they tore.

          Oh how I love carrot cake! I would toast it off and make bread pudding or a sweet stratta adding eggs, and cream, butter refrigerate it overnight then bake it.

          1. Make a carrot cake bread pudding by drying them a little first. I've made pumpkin bread bread pudding that's similar and really good.

            The other thing you can do is make a cheesecake and add cubes of the carrot cake on top before baking.