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Nov 21, 2007 09:21 AM

Guadalupe Cafe, Sylva, NC

This place has receieved a lot of good press lately in everything from Goumet magazine to our local Mountain Xpress free weekly. Has anybody been? Where, exactly, is it? Is it worth the drive? (Tell me! Tell me, I implore!)

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  1. I walked past it. It's right on Main Street in Slyva. (you don't need more detailed directions, trust me) The menu looked good, would have loved to stop, but it was 3 in the afternoon after a big lunch.

    Then we sampled beers at the Henslemenkenshimbockersteinwer ....OK, I'm making that up, but it's the only brewery in town, I'm pretty sure. VERY good beer. Both me (wino) and my husband (too snotty-athletic to drink) were very impressed. Would actually have bought some except for the large quantity required. (almost a 6-pack in a big weird refillable bottle) Howler, maybe?

    And of course, Annies Bakery is there. Slyva: worth a culinary road trip, IMO.

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      You da (wo-)man, Danna. I go to Knoxville several times a year to visit family. How far off of I-40 is it?