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Gaslight - South End

Interesting review today by Robert Nadeau in the Phoenix (out early for Thanksgiving) of Gaslight. He gives it four stars and calls it "at the head of its class".


Gaslight Brasserie du Coin
560 Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA 02118

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  1. That's quite interesting. While I really like Gaslight as a neighborhood spot, I'm not sure I'd give it four stars.

    1. Same here. My friends and I enjoyed our food there a lot, but when I think 4 stars, I think high-end, fancy and a special night out. It doesn't have to be super pricey, but I expect meticulous service and care in the details, and I don't think gaslight is at that level. For me, it's a nice in-between casual & fancy dining spot.

      1. I have to agree with the review. I am a huge fan of Gaslight. They are 4 stars based on the quality of the food and the value. Compared to other restaurants that offer entrees at the same they are far above the rest. Is it Mistral or anything of that nature, no, but nor does it try to be. I applaud Gaslight for holding its own in the trendy, generally expensive South End!

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          I think the notion that Gaslight is "far above the rest" overlooks some worthy places in the South End that are hitting the same price point but offering better food: Pops comes immediately to mind, as does Coda and Addis Red Sea, though obviously their concepts and atmosphere are quite different. Petit Robert is quite close to Gaslight on price, and I've had much better traditional French food there. I've also had vastly superior meals for a similar check size at both Toro and Myers + Chang recently. I think drinks and ambience are the primary reasons to visit Gaslight at the moment, though as I said, I haven't been back in a few weeks.

        2. Folks, please help us keep this discussion about chow in Boston. If you have opinions to share on the food at Gaslight, please do so here, but if you'd like to discuss the rating, or rating systems in general, please start a new discussion on the Food Media and News board. Thanks.

          1. I was very happy with Gaslight and if you are looking for a neighborhood bistro they hit the mark. Petit Robert is great as well and does have good traditional french food but I'm not certain it has the same feel. However, I generally choose Aqutaine for a nice french meal or for brunch.

            1. I live 2 minutes from the Gaslight and haven't been back there since we got some horrific service at the bar a couple of months ago -



              I know it may have been an isolated experience, but that review seems rather inflated to me. I just went to Myers+Chang last weekend and I'll be going there any day over Gaslight when I want good food at that price point.

              1. gaslight has good bar service and nice atmosphere but, in my experience, the service has been horrific and the food fair but not spectacular. i would pay a few dollars more to go to b&g or a few less to go to pho republique.

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                  We (group of 4) had great service not long ago. Food was OK, decent value for the price, but the one thing that might prevent me from going back was the noise. We really had to shout in order to converse. Ears ringing after leaving. It was that bad. Maybe because it was a Friday night and that's as bad as it gets.

                2. Interesting. My husband and I went there a few weeks back and experienced a rude server (who got an even bigger attitude when we didn't order apps. or drinks) and a so-so meal. Perhaps an isolated incident, but there are plenty of other better quality restuarants in the South End we'll go to next time. Not sure if this will last with it's competition...

                  1. Not a big fan of Gaslight. The food is so so. It is loud and the floors are slippery, I almost fell and I was not drunk.

                    1. the food is just OKAY. Nothing to write home about or to go out of your way for. Their next door neighbor, Rocca, is a MUCH better option!