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Nov 21, 2007 09:03 AM

Rehersal Dinner

My sister is getting married next May (the 17th), with the rehersal dinner the night before. The ceremony is in West Philly, but the reception is at the Society Hill Sheraton and most of the out of town guests are staying there. As we expect good weather and there are some elderly (which i don't think should be a factor, but the bride says it is)...where is a goo spot reasonably close for a rehersal dinner of 35-40 people. Money isn't an object, but we're not trying to break the bank here....I'd say 40 to 50 bucks ahead. Cuisine is not important either....but it shouldn't be wings, nachos and roast beef....something a little more classy. Postiano Coast(spelling) at 2nd and Walnut is being thrown around as an option...never been...heard decent things...not even sure if they have room for us.....Looking for a lil Chow help here.....i'm gonna look around, but I'll be back to see any recs.....thanks ahead of time

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  1. If it were me I would contact Overtures to see what kind of menu they can arrange for a private affair. Your group would probably take up the entire dining room. It is lovely and they have reasonable prix fix menus.

    1. I just had my rehearsal dinner at Estia and it was absolutely fantastic... they provided a beautiful room to accommodate our party of 45 and the food, the service, and the atmosphere were all equally amazing!!! Restaurant is beautiful and the staff really takes care of your every need... they even provide a cocktail hour before the actual dinner, with various apps. and spreads to hold the crowd over until you are ready to sit for dinner... I highly recommend Estia, it was perfect! Congrats and good luck!