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Nov 21, 2007 09:03 AM

Recs for Udon/Ramen Noodle Soup on the UWS?

Preferably from 75th Street--116th Street. Could be Japanese, Chinese, any kind of cuisine.

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  1. not much here. but if you venture on down to 56th and 6th, menkuitei is pretty good for ramen.

    Udon is a little more prvalent. most of hte sushi places on teh UWS will have it. nothing great though.

    1. Some of China Fun's noodle soups - particularly IMO the wonton/noodle version with roast meats - are pretty good. (The one I'm talking about is on Columbus near 72nd. FWIW you can get them with various noodles including udon, but they're 100% Chinese soup.) Staying "west," the closest Japanese ramen I can think of is Sapporo on 48th near 7th, but I haven't taken any sort of ramen survey of more generic Japanese restaurants.

      1. Thanks. The pickings are slim in this side of town. I usually end up going to Sapporo, but there are times when I want to stay in my own neighborhood and not to midtown, downtown, or Chinatown. A lot of generic Asian places serving generic food on the UWS--wish someone would open up a worthy ramen shop here.

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          "A lot of generic Asian places serving generic food on the UWS"

          Can't argue with that but what I meant was, I don't usually get ramen in "plain old" Japanese restaurants but one of them might happen to have serviceable if not noteworthy ramen or udon soup.

        2. Go to the Japanese market on Broadway and 101st (Sunrise, I think it's called?) and in the refrigerator section you'll find pre-packaged ramen which is excellent, with fresh (not dried) noodles. Be sure to get the kind where they give you a little blob of fat to add to the broth. I also add the shabu-shabu pork and some choy... delicious...

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            There's also the JASmart around 110th and B'way, and that Asian store/takeout counter next to Pinnacle at 116th.

          2. Yasha Ramen is excellent. Not a big menu, but all items are quite good and made fresh on the premises.
            (On Amsterdame btw 106 and 107 streets.)

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            1. re: rubkra

              We just stumbled into this today and liked it A LOT. We had the spicy chicken wings and the "signature" ramen.


              We'd go here again and again. Highly recommend.