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Nov 21, 2007 08:42 AM

bluefin tuna extinction?

saw this blog article and just wondering if anyone else has heard anything about it?

my understanding is that the fish has become so high in demand that we're fishing them to probable extinction. rather than assisting to preserve this species, the international commission has recently increased the quotas that can be fished.

just going through the website i noted that in september the EU was to have banned any fishing of the bluefin tuna.

so... fact? fiction? if actually fact, has anyone noticed a general decline in the offering of bluefin? would you refuse to eat it if offered because of this?

it currently seems to be offered very readily in toronto, i'm curious to see how this changes over time or will the prize and value just increase as we have less and less?

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  1. I would've thought yellowfin/ahi tuna is the typical tuna being served in restaurants. Bluefin is very expensive and as said, numbers are low.

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      and that's exactly what i'm referring to, bluefin. while not all restos in toronto are offering bluefin, they seem to be showing up in omakases quite frequently lately at the more reputable ones. not sure if that's the case worldwide, etc.

      it is expensive, but perhaps it can rise even further in cost as well.

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. Bluefin is still listed on the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch site:

        1. The Washington Post recently had an article about bluefin being overfished, but the only thing it says about quotas is that Japan's was lowered.