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Nov 21, 2007 08:11 AM

Cinnamon Ice Cream in MSP

I'm making a pumpkin cake for Thanksgiving and realized that a great cinnamon ice cream would be perfect with it. Unfortunately, I'm not an ice cream expert and haven't tried many of the choices at local places.

Does anyone know which local shops might have cinnamon ice cream (or another nice fall flavor)? Grand Ole Creamery, Pumphouse, and Sebastian Joe's are all close to me, but I'd be willing to drive a bit if those places don't have anything appropriate.

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  1. The U of M Dairy Salesroom has had cinnamon ice cream the last couple of weeks, they'll probably still have some more this afternoon (their website says they'll have a bunch of holiday flavors: cinnamon, eggnog, pumpkin, and peppermint chip). But, you'll have to pick it up between 3 and 5 this afternoon.

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    1. Izzy's usually has cinnamon ice cream, but that's quite a drive for you. It's good - they use a fancy cinnamon and lots of cream. They also have a cranberry ice cream that I love - it has orange liqueur in it, too.

      I've seen quarts of cinnamon ice cream in local co-ops (Seward, Mississippi Market, and the Wedge, but I assume that the SW Mpls co-ops have some, as well). I haven't tried it yet - I wish it was available in a pint...

      Good luck, and please report back - if you have time - on which you chose and whether you liked it. I *love* cinnamon ice cream!


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        Cedar Summit Farms makes a cinnamon ice cream that is sometimes sold in quarts in the co-ops, and I can tell you that it is good...but maybe not as good as Izzy's and Sebastian Joe's. It's good value anyway.

      2. If you run out of time for running around, Lunds makes a line of ice cream under their own brand name and they are guaranteed to have that flavor in stock.

        1. Also - Blue Sky Creamery has good Cinnamon ice cream.. they sell it at Lunds/Byerlys, but their uptown version may be more fresh (they'll probably pack it there for you).


          1. I was just at both Izzy's and Sebastian Joe's yesterday. I was hoping for salted caramel, and the Izzy's folks were a bit snotty about not having it in stock.

            Izzy's is out of cinnamon for at least the next few days - I bought the last pint. It is better than Sebastian Joe's, but SJ's is still really good.

            Izzy's did have a pumpkin ice cream that is cinnamon-y, and it's to die for. SJ's pumpkin ice cream is not as good.