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OK so if not the Keg then where?? Price matters...

So from all these posts about the ever controversial Keg I thought it time to discuss the alternative. For the price point, my partner and I enjoy the Keg. Are we crazy? She orders the Top Sirloin and I like the Baseball cut. We know what we are getting every time and it seems reasonably priced.

So... where are we to go dollar for dollar that provides a better steak, atmosphere and service?

Mmmm steak

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  1. If you like the Keg then what is the problem. From the 'Controversial Keg" thread I actually got the impression that most people do enjoy going to the Keg.


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      I had the same impression from that thread. Not controversial at all.

      1. re: pescatarian

        That's the issue I've been raising all along. Here's this person who ENJOYS something and the price point and feels like they're crazy or doing something wrong. B/C it wasn't H60? Or Bymark? Or Cumbrae's for meats?

        Enjoy it man. There's nothing wrong with it.

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          I'm sure the OP can clarify for him/herself, but my take on the post was that given the Keg is quite enjoyed, the question is, by using the Keg as a reference, is there an even better quality/price steak establishment out there. The answer may be no, but I think its a great question to ask....

          1. re: T Long

            I too think that is the question at hand...

            I think The Keg is the very best in it's class and I personally wouldn't look elsewhere for a baseball steak!

      2. Yeah, just go. Have fun. Have a maragarita.

        1. One of the posts on the Keg mentioned a $30 ribeye with frites (Cumbrae meat) at Starfish. That's a good deal.

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            I wonder...If its not a good idea to order seafood at a steakhouse eg Harbour 60, is it a good idea to order steak at a seafood place....just kidding....does anyone have comments about the steaks (quality) at Starfish...and best not to comment about the service.

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              Thanks for the better wording T Long. The question is, by using the Keg as a reference, is there an even better quality/price steak establishment out there that we may not already know of?

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                Funny you mention steaks at Starfish. One of our last times there, enjoying oysters and mussels I might add, a person at the table beside us ordered steak. I was surprised to even see it, cuz never noticed it on the menu. Anyways I must say, it looked deelish and she certainly had no trouble woolfing it down :) Since then I've thought a number of times that I should order it but never do. Creature of habit, what can I say.

            2. It's a little more expensive than the Keg, but I think Bardi's offers more value overall. The quality of the cuts is much better at Bardi's and service is top-notch. Best part is that the servers don't try to get you to "Keg-size" all your drinks. I hate that. Makes me feel like an alcoholic if I do, and less of a man if I don't. It's a lose-lose, folks. I think the top sirloin at Bardi's is around 30 bucks and comes with a baked potato.

              1. I like the Prime Rib at the Keg, and the 3 olive Beef-Eater martinis.

                For the about the same money out of pocket though, you could also try Carmen's. Excellent quality meat, wood grilled, thick cut - the torontian and filet are my favs - both for $40ish, include the the garlic bread, tzitzchi, cottage cheese, pickles, olives and baked pot. The garlic bread is grilled on the wood grill too, and just coated with garlic so not great for a first date ;-)

                Very old school service, loooove love being able to load up my baked potato with as much sour cream and butter as I want. That said, if you want a veggie side, don't go there. This is seriously old school, the salads are ummm, not their feature.

                And talk about knowing what it'll be every time . . . Carmen's is timeless as in . . . the same for the last 30 years, and likely to be so for the next 30.

                great place!

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                  Agreed, Carmen's is delish. And for 75 bucks per person I remember getting a 4 course meal, including a nice 14 oz strip. The dessert was even delish. Killer carrot cake, wow.

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                    ..I don't recall what it cost, is the Keg really comparable to $75 per person??...I picture it being in the $45 per person category, I would never spend that much there...

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                      For four courses I'd wager, $60 per person at The Keg, easily. Steak ain't cheap, even there. In any case, Carmen's is certainly cheaper than the the other high end steak places. Just throwing in a reasonable alternative to the super high end ones.

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                        I think for four courses even at the Keg you are up close to $60 give or take???

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                          ..I guess $60 doesn't sound so bad, but $120 for the gf and I to dine out we can do sooo much better than the Keg....

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                          My partner and I eat at the Keg a few times a year. We both have big appetites and we're able to dine, without alcohol, for $90 or so, tax and tip included. That doesn't include dessert, but we're never able to even think about it after bread, a couple appetizers, Keg sized orders of prime rib, and a few sides. The portions are very generous.

                  2. I like The Keg downtown. Not fancy but no surprise: you get your steak just the way you ordered it. Tender and juicy. Skip the fried calamari as an appetizer.

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                      The Keg is decent enough, and certainly good value among steak houses, but I find most good joints that aren't steakhouses will almost always have a steak or two of some kind on the menu, and it'll be tasty, of respectable quality and good value (under $30 at the places I go to). After all, it's not hard to grill a steak. You don't have to be a chef specialist to do it right. So if you don't mind not having a wide range of steaks to choose from, go to your favorite spot, where you regard the price as being right. For example, on the rare times when I don't feel like barbecuing a steak at home (I barbecue year round), I'll drive over to the Miller Tavern, on Yonge St. south of York Mills Rd., a good if not great joint in my neighborhood, which does a very nice steak - it's sorta baseball- sized, I suppose - for about $28, with the usual trimmings. Nice setting, agreeable service, and they've yet to louse up that steak. I can't recall what cut of steak it is and I don't particularly care. It's done right and the price is okay. I'm sure there are dozens more examples around town of joints that aren't bona fide steakhouses but still know how to do a steak right at a considerably lower price than the fancy steakhouses.

                      1. re: juno

                        Agree that Miller puts out an excellent steak, but is it really price competitive to the Keg?...not my recollection.

                    2. The Keg is opening soon in Ajax, close to my workplace. I've learned from these posts that it is no longer the bargain it once was, but has moved upscale. I'll be interested in trying out the new location, as the Keg will be pricey for Ajax, and my co-workers will undoubtedly make it a destination place.

                      1. How about Baton Rouge? I've had good food there...really nice atmosphere... comfortable and not too expenisve. Fantastic ribs! There's a new one on Front Street near the Skydome.