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Nov 21, 2007 07:36 AM

Good Phó in DC?? (not VA or MD)

What's the best Pho place in Northwest DC? I have a friend in VA (where there are a ton of great choices from what I understand) but she's trying to meet folks from Maryland who are too lazy to come out to Arlington.

Plus I live in DC so I wouldn't mind finding out this info for myself.

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  1. There have been several threads on this topic- you can look it up in the search engine.

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    1. re: xena1441

      sorry, i searched for Pho already and read all the threads that came up and didn't see any tips for a good place in Northwest.

      if you want to link me to something that i missed that'd work great.

    2. Actually here's a much more recent thread of the same:

      1. I've had the pho at Nam-Viet, by the Cleveland Park metro. Their pho is pretty good, but a lot smaller and more expensive than what you would pay for at Pho 75. I actually like their other noodle soups a lot more...I forget what they're called, but they have one with egg noodles and shrimp and pork. Very good!

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          As you'll find in the other threads, just take the easy metro ride to Courthouse and go to Pho 75. One of my favorite places, especially since it's so close. Just as easy to get to from downtown DC as Nam-Viet. And I like Nam-Viet for some things, but would never get Pho there. Yes, smaller and more expensive. When I had it there, I liked the broth more than Pho 75, but think I was eating Spagheti noodles.