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Nov 21, 2007 07:32 AM

Carnegie Pastrami at Costco - Lousy

Well jfood gave it a shot. On the way out today there was no line so he figured, let's give it a try. First bad sign was they paced it in a MV to re-heat, second bad sign was the rye bread was cold on top of the MV, third bad sign, no thin layer of fat.

Then the first bite. Blech. Texture was half rubber, half hard. Flavor was very smokey (hey you have to give something positive) but almost flavorless and not anywhere close to what jfood has eaten in the past at the deli in NYC.

So jfood would give this a 2 on a scale of 1-10. It's 4X the price os the hot dog and the hot dog would be a better choice at the same price. Definitely not worth it.

Oh well, at least that to-do has been checked and now jfood can stay with the $1.50 jumbo hot dog and soda.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear jfood didn't like his CP.

    I don't know if jfood has tried the Kirkland brand pastrami in the back but we buy it often and it is excellent. That is, the stuff we get in the GTA. I can't say whether or not the stuff that the Costco in jfood's neck of the woods has.

    On rye with pickles, old white cheddar, slivered red onion and spicy mustard. Grilled panino style is so excellent.

    Hope jfood gets a good pastrami on rye soon.


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    1. re: Davwud

      I have found the Kirkland pastrami too lean and fine-grained. Cut from a cured round rather than brisket. But they do sell slabs of Dunn's Montreal smoked meat, from the brisket plate, with a layer of fat in the centre.

    2. I can confirm everything you've written about the Carnegie Pastrami sandwich at Costco, with one exception.

      The texture of my pastrami sandwich was ALL rubber, not half. And not that snappy surgeon's glove rubber, either. It was that vulcanized spare tire rubber.

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      1. re: monkeyrotica

        gues it starts as rubber and when they stick it in the MV the hot spots turn it to "hard." blech.

        jfood got to get to Katz's for a fix.

      2. Hey Jfood,

        Have you ever tried Irv's Deli in Nepture on Hwy 33 across from Jersey Shore Med center? They have THE best deli sands!! And they pile them high.

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        1. re: Barbarella

          sorry B, jfood while growing up off exit 137 (GSP) & exit 13 (NJT) never ventured that far south. there were too many great delis in his neighborhood and the surounding towns.

        2. you hit it on the head, the meat for this sandwich is pre portioned and the reconstitution process just destroys the fibers of the meat by taking all of the moisture out. on my try the bread was fresh, but the pile of zapped meat killed it as my bargain meal. i will also be sticking with the hot dog, i ask for a fresh bun.

          1. So what did jfood expect? jfood is not going to get a real pastrami sandwich at a place like Costco.

            jfood will find a real pastrami sandwich at about five places in the NY Metro area. That is it.

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            1. re: georgeb

              jfood was pastrami-deprived (you have no idea how hard that is) and as he said he gave it a shot and shot himself in the foot. What was he thinking.

              And you can limit the potential area further since FFD county CT has absolutely no pastrami worth eating.

              1. re: georgeb

                "jfood will find a real pastrami sandwich at about five places in the NY Metro area. That is it."
                Why do you hate Los Angeles?

                1. re: dagrassroots


                  jfood does not think that georgeb was slighting LA, SF, Chicago or Topeka. He posts on the Tri-State Board and so does Jfood.