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Nov 21, 2007 07:25 AM

Has Helmand reopened on B'way?

Drove down B'way the other day and thought I saw an OPEN sign in the window of Helmand. Have they re-opened? If so, are they closing the place on Van Ness?

Will the lunch buffet return to Helmand on Broadway?

I tried searching for this topic and the search function here is inadequate. The results cannot be put in chron order, which makes it very difficult to find current information.

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  1. "The results cannot be put in chron order"

    Not true. Select either "newest first" or "oldest first" under "options" for sorting by chron order.

    1. I talked to the owner a few weeks ago, and he said that they intended to re-open Broadway (and I believe keep both open). And that if they did re-open, that the lunch buffet would happen on Broadway.