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Nov 21, 2007 06:55 AM

NY City Center + inexpensive?

We've got the chance to share dinner with a friend tonight if it's inexpensive and relatively close (within 8 blocks or so) to NY City Center to make an 8pm curtain. Does anyone have any ideas for this neighborhood?

Much appreciated -

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  1. Topaz (Thai) is located behind city center and next door to parker meridian and is relatively inexpensive. The food is amazing. Also, Le Bonne Soup is on 55th btwn 5th and 6th and is good and La Vineria, same block. You can try burger joint, in the parker meridian.

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    1. re: lotof745

      I second Topaz. It's my City Center go-to.

    2. My mid town default is John's pizza (260 West 44th St) or Carmine's 200 West 44th street
      - but Carmine's is only worthwhile if you have a big group as it is family style

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      1. re: C2Patsy

        definitely do not suggest you go to either John's or Carmines. Don Giovanni has far better pizza without the long wait or the deafening noise. Carmine's is all about quantity and not quality. I like La Bonne Soupe and La Vineria too.