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Nov 21, 2007 06:15 AM

Looking For Best Street In Austin For Cheap Ethnic Eats

I am working on a story for Good Magazine where I find the best ethnic food street in various cities. I am looking for a street in Austin or surrounding environs that features cheap food from various different countries and, if possible, is walkable. The model is Roosevelt Avenue in Queens. Any suggestions?



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  1. Sounds like it isn't a street, but a phalanx of trucks that MPH found. We're all supposed to go try a couple:

    1. LOL.. Walkable in Austin? That's a hoot! You should fire up the F-350 and head to the highway access roads. If you want to walk you'll end up in traction.

      Now that that's out of my system, you'll probably be able to find a street with some ethnic eats in Austin, but it won't be walkable and it won't be condensed at all. Perhaps Burnet Road between 45th and North Loop? Maru Sushi, Phoenicia and Sarah's Middle Eastern, Sampaio's Brazilian....

      Lamar has plenty of cheap Vietnamese and Mexican places spread out over a couple of miles.

      Guadalupe St near the University may have some good places, and is one of the 3 or 4 walkable streets in town.

      1. I'm gonna say North Lamar. Vietnamese and Mexican (real Mexican) food galore. There's even a random place like Shalimar (Pakistani fare) thrown in every couple blocks or so.

        1. Try East Oltorf on the near Southeast side from downtown. A Vietnamese restaurant named Hai Ky is in a little plaza along with a Meditteranean restaurant a few doors down in the same plaza. It's over by Burleson. A bit Westward immediately West of IH 35 is Marco Polo which I believe has Dim Sum. All are reasonably less expensive than the typical restaurants in Austin (less than $10 for good ethnic grub).

          1. "Walkable" is a bit of a joke here. I'd also nominate E. Oltorf: Mexican, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Filipino (Jegimago), Middle Eastern (Jerusalem market) etc., in a relatively condensed few blocks.

            Problem with a story like this in Austin (aside from the walkability issue) is that after Mexican and Vietnamese, most other ethnic foods are going to be fairly scattered and, often, not the best examples of their kind. Even with Oltorf, some of those places are more shops than restaurant.

            I can't think of anything remotely approaching Roosevelt here in Austin.

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              Agreed... Austin really lacks a lot of things like this--things a "real" city should have. You'll probably have better luck taking your magazine story elsewhere. Providence, Pittsburgh, or even New Haven would be better choices than Austin.