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Nov 21, 2007 04:58 AM

Potato Stuffing?

One of my nineteen guests is related to wheat (and dairy and rice and soy and...).

We are having a bread dressing w/sausage. I'm toying with the idea of stuffing the turkey with a mashed potato stuffing: Saute onions and celery in oil, mash spuds with broth and Bell's Seasoning and what else?

Anyone done this?

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  1. I have a guest for dinner than has to be gluten free. I went to my local health store and bought a loaf of gluten free bread. I will make the traditional stuffing for everyone else, and will make her stuffin with the glutern free bread. The rest of the family would revolt if they did not have the traditional family stuffing recipe, but I wanted to make sure my neice had an option, too- and this wasy I dont' have to futz around with new recipes as I prepare the rest of the meal.
    But to answer you question about potato stuffing. My friends mother is french canadian, and makes a killer potato stuffing. I don't have the recipe, unfortunately, but maybe some of our Canadian hounds can help you out.

    1. Sorry, I don't have any recipes for potato stuffing. But another option would be rice stuffing, which is fairly common (you could sub bulgur or quinoa, if you want to pep it up a little).

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        She is allergic to rice. I remember that my father (deceased) liked potato stuffing, so I know there must be a tried and true by someone recipe out there!

      2. Had potato stuffing for years in my parents ( Irish ) house. You are very close to the recipe tho we ever made it exactly the same way twice. Coarsely mashed pots, onions, celery,lots of S and P small amount of chicken broth and generous splash of Bells And I also remember some butter thrown in there for the Lipitor manufacturers It is quite wonderful but did not negate the need for mashed on the side

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          Thank you for your confirming post! I

          We are, definitely, having mashed potatoes on the side. My son makes them with so much butter and cream I think my in-laws would have heart attacks if they knew, although they must suspect.

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            We had a potato stuffing, with bread. Same thing could be done w/out the bread. Mom baked the pots, scooped out while still hot. Mix w/ usual -- celery, onion, spice, a little broth-- and Mom bound it all w/ an egg or 2.(Correct seasoning befor that) .Potato pieces were about small grape size & smaller. Today I make this but forego the whipped pots unless asked to include them-- seems everyone is watching the scales, even on holidays

        2. Potato Stuffing (Recipe passed down from a French Canadian Family)

          5 lbs Potatoes....Boiled and Mashed w/a little milk to moisten
          2 Cup Plain Bread Crumbs
          1 large Onion...Diced
          4 Stalks of Celery....Diced
          1 Cup Chicken stock
          1 tbsp Poultry Seasoning

          Saute Onions and Celery in a skillet w/oil and 2 tbs Butter... til softened, Add chicken stock, simmer 5 more minutes.
          Combine mashed potatoes, bread crumbs, sauted onions and celery...
          Season w/salt and pepper, poultry seasoning, and Parsley.
          Mix Well
          Put in large casserole or pan
          Bake @ 350 for 1 hour
          While baking add Turkey Drippings from cooked turkey, Fold over and over while baking
          adding drippings a little at a time...

          1. Yes! This is our traditional stuffing we have had for years. saute a large chopped onion til transparent and soft. add to 4 mashed potatoes beat one egg and incorporate into the potatoes add salt pepper to taste and Bell Seasoning. We also add grated Romano cheese to taste as well. You can stuff the bird with this but I make a large amount and bake in a casserole for leftovers. 350 covered til hot you can remove cover and brown if you wish.