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Nov 21, 2007 04:50 AM

Help! How best to defrost foods I froze ahead?

I made a lot of food ahead for Thanksgiving and froze it. But didn't think it though. Now, not sure the best way to defrost. I have a frozen baked corn pudding, a baked gooey pumpkin butter cake, a baked noodle pudding and an unbaked broccoli quiche. I'm thinking of defrosting all the baked items today in the fridge and then reheating in the oven tomorrow and baking the frozen quiche straight from the freezer (except the cake which I will just let defrost). Is this right? Any help will be appreciated - thanks!

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  1. The best way if you have time is in the fridge. Of course if there are a lot of frozen items, they will lower the fridge temp and take longer to defrost. If you are running short of time, placing items in a pot or tub in a sink of warm water will speed the process some what.