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Nov 21, 2007 03:54 AM

Cheese/meat shops in London, ON

I'm helping friends who live in London shop for a party they're holding in early December. It's a wine and cheese-type event, and am looking for good cheese shops and delis to visit and pick up the goods. I live in Toronto, and my friends are relatively new to London and are non-foodies, so we're not sure where to go.

I Google mapped the area for cheese places and came up with Smith Cheese Inc. at 130 King Street, London. Can anyone vouch for this place?

Any other recs from Londoners? Thanks!

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  1. I'm also a Torontonian, but have visited extended family in London a number of times and was very impressed with the Covent Garden market, which is what is actually located at 130 King. The market reminds me of the St. Lawrence Market, without so many butchers. I'm pretty sure you could find some decent cheese in there.

    Check out for directions and a list of vendors, including the Smith Cheese speciality shop you mentioned.

    1. Smith Cheese at the Market is amazing, so is Glenda's,(she's also in their family) for dips and sauces.
      Remark at Hyde Park Road and Oxford West also has great stuff.

      1. My sister has lived in London for over 30 years, so I asked her. Here's her reply:

        The place mentioned in Chowhound is at the Covent Garden Market. They do have an excellent selection. International Bakery also has a booth there and they have some lovely breads. Angelo's - particularly at the newer locations (Wonderland and Oxford and one around Southdale I believe)- have a decent selection of cheeses as well but not of the overall proportion of the Market. Angelo's does have some great breads and their meats are fabulous. That is where I get my Italian meats when you are here. There are also some really decent ethnic and/or neighbourhood type grocery stores (Polish, Portuguese, Mexican, Indian, all kinds of Asian - you get the idea) depending on the flavour of the wine and cheese.

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          I think Smith's has been there more than 30 years!

        2. Thanks for all the great responses, and to hungry_pangolin going out of the way to ask your sister! Much appreciated. :)