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Nov 20, 2007 10:00 PM

Thai Bakery in North Hollywood??

We frequent Swan regularly and used to go to the Bhan Kanom Thai that was in the same mini mall (unfortunately they closed up show there) ...... I'm picking up food for a work party at Swan tomorrow but got a request for "those sticky coconut flavored things" they used to cook up and sell at Bhan Kanom Thai.
Anyone know of another Thai bakery close to Swan (I can't drive too far as I'm on a time schedule for tomorrow's lunch ....) Anyone? Das Ubergeek? Any help is MUCH appreciated in advance.....

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  1. You can get some Thai baked goods at Bangluck Market or New King Seafood (but beware housekeeping issues at the latter), but unfortunately the only other option is to hop on the 170 down to Hollywood Blvd. and go to the original Bhan Kanom Thai in Hollywood.

    And the "sticky coconut flavored things" are called kanom krok.

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    1. re: Das Ubergeek

      Thanks! I called Bhan Kanom Thai, they have janom krok but weren't making any batches until 2pm ... bummer, as I would have made the drive.
      So I tried my luck at New King Seafood and got some fried bananas and taro and some thai "cookies" (coconut topped). These were decent but definitely no kanom krok. But all was well with the lunch of plah goong, nam kao tod, cry tiger, garlic noodles with grilled pork and shrimp fried rice. Swan is definitely my favorit Thai place in the area.
      Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. re: engorgedbuddha

        if you ask them to make a batch for you before their scheduled time, i wonder if they'd do it for a somewhat large order.

        also i've seen kanom krok being sold in front of silom market (inside the indoor parking lot at the entrance to the market) on hollywood blvd.

        1. re: jackt

          Great tip - I think they (Bhan Kanom Thai) may have even that day, I was just short on time that day.
          I was picking up many (16 dishes) to bring for a work lunch from Swan.