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Nov 20, 2007 09:36 PM

Pepperoni Rolls

Anyone know of where I can get Pepperoni Rolls in Baltimore??

I lived in West Virginia for 5 years and recently moved back to the Baltimore area.
Can't seem to find them here..Used to buy them at Dairy Mart's in West Virginia or other late-night drunken munchies type stores/restaurants.

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  1. The Great Harvest Bread company in Columbia sells them, although I'm not sure if it's the kind that you're looking for.

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      Well I used to find the ones stuffed with just pepperoni, and then some provolone cheese in it. I loved the ones with cheese. Here is one of the places I used to get the from

    2. I am from Western Maryland (the real Western Maryland) and I understand. I can tell you no one around here makes them like they do back home or in Fairmont, or really makes them at all. Ordering online is the best option a number of places in Fairmont will ship them. They are also incredibly easy to make with store bought bread dough and pepperoni cut into logs.

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      1. Yeah Deep Creek, until a couple years ago I don't think even Marylander's knew where it was at, but people from WV normally do.

        The link above isn't a bad site there are a couple others just google pepperoni rolls and Fairmont (yep it was the origin all the Italian coal miners needed an unrefridgerated lunch). You can find them in pretty much any mini-mart up there or even in many spots in Western Maryland, but people down here even in Baltimore don't even really know what they are.

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