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Nov 20, 2007 09:03 PM

any chow from tuscon airport to sierra vista

looking for any interesting chow places from the airport on down to Sierra Vista, including the town of Sierra Vista?

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  1. Hmmm. You won't be in Tucson for more than a couple of blocks of Valencia road, before you head off onto I-10. There's nothing especially chow-worthy that I can think of in that stretch.

    If you detour south on the 83, rather than following I-10 all the way to the 90, you can drive through Sonoita, which is a neat little town. Cafe Sonoita might be worth a stop. It's not worth a trip, all on it's own, but it's certainly worth the 5 miles the detour adds to your journey.

    In Sierra Vista, I'd recommend Adobe. It's a nice upscale Mexican/Southwest restaurant. It was a pleasant surprise for me on my last trip to SV.

    1. Get off the interstate and head down to Patagonia. Check out Velvet Elvis for pizza! Totally worth the detour(but limited hours so check their schedule) It's delicious. You can enjoy a nice tour of the wine country while you're in the area and then head down the state highway to Sierra Vista.

      Velvet Elvis Pizza Co
      292 W Naugle Ave, Patagonia, AZ 85624

      1. If you've not been to Tucson before, stop by the eegee's on Valencia (s. side of the road) enroute to the 10 for an eegee, a local-only icy-fruit snack. I always like a half-lemon/half-strawberry, but they also have monthly specials, and this month it's Cranberry Splash. December will be lime and I can hardly wait, because it's a really, really good one!

        If you're driving direct from TIA to Sierra Vista, Patagonia's way the heck out of your way. If you're traveling mid-day, I always like the Horseshoe, in Benson for lunch. They have a nice lunch special of a half-sandwich, chili or soup, and your choice of side. Can't say as I've tried much of the menu, as I nearly always get the same thing. I like their roast beef/green chile sandwich (the half is pretty hefty), chili and the sweet potato fries. Havn't been there for breakfast, but have seen some of their leftover cinnamon rolls and they look homemade and hearty.