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New Turkey Sandwich ideas

We've had some expected guests cancel, so I'm looking at even more leftovers (oh darn) than usual.

I usually like my turkey sammiches simple, maybe with some cranberry sauce or a slice of tomato.

This year, I'm looking for some new ideas. What's your favorite way to make a turkey sandwich?

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  1. Turkey sandwiches always remind me of that "Friends" episode where Ross talks about his sister's delicious turkey sandwich as having a middle layer of bread soaked in gravy of which he called "the maker." It's always seemed like and interesting concept that I've never had the chance to try.

    Anyways, I too like my sandwiches simple so usually some dijon or mayo (try wasabi flavor) You can shred it and make turkey salad sandwiches: try curry in the mayo for an interesting twist. Another simple way is just some turkey, jarlsburg, thin layer of mustard, and sort of lettuce and just a simple balsamic vinaigrette on top: I like vinegar in my sandwiches.

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      That's how I *always* prep my turkey leftover sandwiches...

      Buttered Bread Slice and a thin layer of gravy
      Mashed Potatoes
      Gravy Soaked Bread Slice
      Buttered Bread Slice with a thin layer of gravy

      [all the layers are thin.]

    2. Turkey with mango chutney and brie or apple and cheddar

      1. I'm a boring traditionalist. I just want turkey, mayo, lettuce and (VERY thinly sliced, please!!) tomato and my secret ingredient on the turkey: Garlic Powder.

        Now with a Turkey SALAD sandwich I like mayo, finely diced onion, celery, and a sprinkle of salt, fresh ground pepper, garlic powder and some dried basil. YUM

        1. The best turkey sandwich I've ever had was with cranberry sauce, cream cheese and lettuce on on really great homemade white bread -- potato bread would work, as would challah or even foccacia. It just occurred to me that a touch of horseradish in the cranberry sauce would be a nice touch.

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            Cream cheese? Now why had I never thought of that - sounds like a great sandwich, I'll have to try it!

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              Today, I just made turkey wraps. Layer of cream cheese (whipped works best) on the tortilla, then thinly sliced turkey and cranberry sauce. The kids and DH loved it.

          2. So many possibilities!

            Grilled sandwiches - maybe some pesto mayo, smoked gouda, good bread - grill it up on the press or in a pan w/a weight.

            Turkey curry salad - shread and add mayo and curry powder, sliced grapes and raisins, maybe some walnuts. I like this on pita or over greens if you need a post-turkey-orgy dose of healthy food.

            "Hot turkey sandwiches" - my mother used to do these - slice of white bread, sliced turkey on top, hot leftover gravy poured over. Eat w/knife and fork.

            Husband likes turkey w/hummus - spread hummus thickly on bread of choice, add sliced turkey, he adds extra sharp cheddar and lettuce. Not my bag but an interesting combo.

            1. Try sauteing chopped onions, celery and garlic in a little butter or olive oil, season with salt and pepper. When veggies are soft, add broken up turkey slices and a few spoonfuls of leftover gravy. Stir until warmed through. Split some pita pockets in half and warm. Serve the turkey & veggies in a bowl and let people fill their own pitas. You can add some different herbs or spices to the turkey mixture (such as chili powder or Italian herbs) to change up the flavoring. My teenage son created these a few years ago and they are now a favorite way to use up leftover turkey.

              1. Try reheating the gravy with some blue cheese thrown in and blend until it's smoothe. Slather that on some bread with the turkey. Yum.

                1. My favorite is turkey, thinly sliced, mayo, avocado and swiss cheese ( or a smoked gouda) on good whole wheat, and then slightly warmed to get the cheese to melt a bit. I sometimes mix a bit of herbs into the mayo, and let those blend overnight, to get more flavor.

                  I also like to chop up the turkey, mix into leftover dressing, put some gravy on top, warm it up and eat straight out of the bowl! I like to warm it in the toaster oven to get a bit of crisp on the dressing.

                  1. Bread is very important, my favorite is sliced sourdough bread add.... mayo, stuffing, butter, swiss cheese, tomato, lettuce and bacon.

                    Hot with gravy, dressing and both breads buttered.

                    1. Great ideas so far, I particularly like the blue cheese idea. Keep-um coming.

                      1. I love the sandwiches more than the dinner I think.. I love soft buttermilk bread, mayo, turkey using, both light and dark meat, lots of fresh cracked pepper, dressing that is nice and hot and then a slathering of cold cranberry conserve on that/ top it with thinly sliced white or red onion and then another slice of buttermilk bread with mayo and salt...yum!

                          1. From a restaurant in Oakland, not sure it's still there...turkey, pickled onions and
                            cranberry-mayo on sourdough toast.

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                              I used to have this sandwich years ago, was it "The Hafbrau" spelling? on Broadway and Grande Ave?

                            2. Panini with turkey, canned or frozen cooked and sliced artichokes, and Trader Joe's or other (frozen and heated) prepared spinach-artichoke spread on sourdough is really good. Butter the outside and press and cook until crispy and melty.

                              1. I love turkey salad and I use a recipe I learned when working in a sandwich shop. I can't give exact amounts, but it is easy to eyeball. In a food processor goes turkey, equal parts mayonnaise and fruit chutney(I prefer mango), green onions, and celery if it is desired. Then just process until it is the consistency you like, I process until it is spreadable. It's awesome on leftover rolls that are toasted until crusty, toasted croissants, crackers, celery spears, carrot chips, baguette, basically everything.

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                                  I start with bakery white bread (strong enough to hold the sandwich together), mayo,pepper, turkey and stuffing that's been heated with a little gravy and cranberry sauce (chunky) mixed together. Yes, I prefer this to the original meal in itself.

                                2. No one has mentioned the wonderful Hot Brown. You can Google up a recipe but it is a hot casserole turkey sandwich with a mornay sauce topping the bread and turkey and baked until brown and bubbly and topped with bacon.

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                                    Ipsedixit mentioned it, but I think it bears repeating =)

                                    1. re: ArikaDawn

                                      It does indeed bear worth repeating.

                                      And here's the recipe from the source, the Brown Hotel http://www.brownhotel.com/dining/hot-...

                                      A Hot Brown is going to be breakfast for tomorrow, and Saturday, and Sunday, and ...

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                                      A "Hot Brown" is it, unless you make "Devonshires." TeeHee

                                    3. Whole Foods Cranberry Walnut bread..turkey, stuffing, mayo..yum.
                                      Sourdour bread toasted with melted brie, cranberry, turkey, spread of Heinz Salad Cream (honestly..this works!)...

                                      1. smoked gouda, arugula, thinly sliced tomato, balsamic-roasted onions, & honey dijon

                                        1. Not a sandwich, but I liked the idea someone mentioned of making Thanksgiving left-over pot pie(s). Sounds like you make a bottom crust, fill it with left-overs, install a top crust, and that's a pot pie.

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                                            Or hand held pie, wonder if that would work. But I do like digging into a steaming hot turkey and vegetable pie!

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                                              Ah, ha! Turkey Day pasties and strombolis and calzones.

                                          2. I just had a turkey sandwich for breakfast - good wheat bread, real mayo, crunchy romaine, and...

                                            HOAGIE SPREAD!!!!

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                                                You may have to be from Philadelphia to know what a hoagie is. It's a "panino" (singular of "panini" which are 2 or more sandwiches) that is made a long roll of Italian bread dough origin. A good hoagie is made with capocolla, Genoa salami, provolone, sliced onion and tomato, shredded lettuce (preferably Romaine instead of iceberg), peperoncini with stems removed, and extra virgin olive oil drizzled on the bread and oregano sprinkled on the oil.

                                                Buon appetito tutti!

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                                                  I know what a hoagie is, or at least I thought I did. I didn't realize it referred to a specific set of ingredients. I always just thought hoagie was a general term for any sandwich on the longer roll. What you described, Chilidude, is what i have always heard referred to as an "Italian Sub (or hoagie or grinder or whatver you want to call it)" I was really wondering if when Rudeboy posted hoagie spread, it referred to a specific condiment. Is it a special hoagie condiment?

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                                                    I guess the problem is the definition of the word 'spread.' One can define spread more than one way. If one is referring to a buffet table full of food, that can be defined as a spread. A condiment such as mayonnaise also can be defined as a spread. Maybe all the comestibles other than the cold cuts that make up a hoagie are considered as the spread. Only 'rudeboy' can clue us in as to his definition of a 'hoagie' spread.

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                                                      Sorry - I just got back to my computer - Hoagie spread was introduced to my by my wife, who is from Philly. It is a cherry pepper spread. The texan in me loves the spice. There's something about the combination of mayo and that vinegary spiciness that sets me off.

                                                      Tallarico's is the standard, but there are several others. Be careful, you will be putting this on all your sandwiches from now on!


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                                                        I think I've got some of this in my fridge - gonna give it a try!

                                                        1. re: rudeboy

                                                          Sounds divine. Thanks for clearing that up.

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                                                            As an immigrant to the Philly area from the Midwest many years ago I learned about the hoagie after arrival. My favorite is the original Italian hoagie. When I order a hoagie from the local deli, I always request an 'Italian' hoagie. If I'm asked if I prefer oil or mayonnaise, I say that I want an 'Italian' hoagie. That should indicate to the server that it is oil that should be drizzled on the hoagie roll. No wonder I did not know what hoagie spread was...there's no vinegar involved in an Italian hoagie. Mayonnaise is a French concoction.

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                                                              Actually, I'm with you ChiliDude - an Italian hoagie is made with oil, mayo should not enter the picture. At the deli I worked at growing up, oil was drizzled on the roll, but more than half of our customers wanted oil and vinegar on the veggies.
                                                              But that hoagie spread is a nice addition as well. Tallarico's version does not have mayo in it.
                                                              Maybe what Rudeboy was referencing was the combination of mayo and hoagie spread on a turkey sandwich.

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                                                                Yea - that's it. I dont often have gobs of mayo on a sandwich, but the gluttonly of Thanksgiving impels me to enjoy it (with hoagie spread)!

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                                                      I used to eat potato roll sandwiches as leftovers all the time. Unfortunately this year we didn't have any ):

                                                      I like to take mashed potatoes and spread them on the potato rolls and add green beans and some turkey. Very simple and it uses all leftovers

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                                                        I love these little guys.made by Colombo Bakery SF. I made the mistake to check the calories...70! oh well, they are deliciously addictive.
                                                        They are also great with a little butter, toasted on my cast iron flat-side grill, and then eaten with cheese and ham, and coarse grain mustard. simple pleasures.

                                                      2. re: chef chicklet

                                                        I was all set to a have a nice healthy salad, but then saw these pics and started drooling. So once again, I had to copy you (though used biscuits and went heavy on the stuffing!)

                                                        1. re: Rubee

                                                          WOWIE!!! Great pictures of a very good looking sandwich!
                                                          Making them on the rolls makes me feel a little better....
                                                          Sorry! I know what you mean, I am actually heating left over veggie soup, and then I had to see your post with these beautiful pictures and its making me jealous! Hold me back someone. I really want to join you Rubee!

                                                    2. I never eat a turkey sandwich without Durkee's Famous Sauce. Kind of a cross between mayo and mustard. Something about it matches perfectly with turkey. Anybody else ever try it?

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                                                        So funny...youngest son (22) asked me for a turkey sandwich with mayo and Boar's Head Mustard last night at around 10:30 p.m. (after the big feast served at 2:30)...that is his favorite combo! I'm SURE that in my 50 long years I've eaten roast turkey with mayo/mustard on a sandwich...and now, I'm wondering which CHEESE best goes with turkey???? What do you think? I've seen many 'turkey with swiss' this or that...'turkey with smoked gouda'...'turkey with sharp cheddar'...when you think about it, cheese is the one of the only things missing from the Thanksgiving dinner table (well, ours, anyway!)

                                                        1. re: Val

                                                          Havarti is my staple cheese and great on turkey.

                                                          1. re: Val

                                                            i think the cheese issue depends on your mood, the accompaniments, and the bread. i pretty much stick to smoked gouda, swiss [or any nutty, semi-soft cheese], and believe it or not, occasionally cream cheese. apparently i'm not the only one - see chicgail's post above. although i haven't eaten it in many years, i have many fond college memories of a toasted sesame bagel with turkey, sliced tomato and a schmear.

                                                        2. I really like the pizza idea. I wrote about it here: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/463064

                                                          1. How about a good bread with cranberry sauce, thinly sliced turkey, gruyere, battered and grilled like french toast?

                                                            1. Some of our leftover SMOKED turkey was minced and blended with mayo, chopped scallions, cilantro, celery, and chipotle adobo. With our extra long Indian summer this year, we still have some very good vine-ripened momotoro tomatoes available for garnishing this sandwich.

                                                              1. turkey stew-p or chili
                                                                ladel over warmed bread...yum!

                                                                1. While we love the traditional turkey sandwich with mayo et. al., tonight I'm making sandwiches composed of Napa cabbage stir fried with onions, garlic, bean sprouts (soy sauce, cayenne, rice wine vinegar, peanut oil)...sliced turkey, and a dressing of chili garlic mayonnaise, on freshly baked sub rolls. I have no idea how this will taste....I've been trying to think of a new combo for two days and this is what I came up with. We shall see if I have to go back to the drawing board, or in this case, the cutting board.
                                                                  A tossed salad will accompany. I think.

                                                                  1. Like the turkey warmed up with gravy, then spread cranberry sauce and stuffing on rye bread with warm turkey. Great sandwich.

                                                                    1. This is our traditional post-Tday sandwich. Pan de Mie sliced not too thick and spread with honey-mustard dressing. Thin sliced turkey, thin brie cheese slices and red onion. Cranberry sauce for dipping.

                                                                      1. Grilled brioche, thinly sliced roasted butternut squash, fried sage leaves, jarlsberg, turkey

                                                                        Toasted pita stuffed with Turkey Waldorf (chopped celery, apples, grapes, mayo, chopped walnuts, arugula)

                                                                        Muffaletta -- Olive Spread (pimento-stuffed green olives, kalamata olives, cauliflower, carrots, celery, capers, pepperoncini, cocktail onions, oregano, basil, celery seed, S & P, vinegar, garlic, olive oil and canola oil blended to meld) and salami, ham, mortadella, mozzarella and provolone... scoop out bread loaf a bit first... best if you wrap in saran and refrigerate to allow flavors to marry.

                                                                        1. Just back from Thanksgiving with my in-laws. For years, they've had a tradition of turkey tacos for the two days after the holidays (BIG family, LOTS of leftovers!). Nothing unusual about the meal -- tacos, lettuce, cheese -- the normal taco meal: Refried beans and Spanish rice -- but I just love the "Latin" spin on the American holiday! It's a great tradition, and a fun way to use the leftovers.

                                                                          1. I went to my one of my girlfriend's after we spent the afternoon shopping. She had lots of leftover turkey, but none of the fixins' so we went with turkey, romaine, tomatoes, feta, sweet/hot salad peppers, and red wine vinegar in whole wheat pitas. It was a very very good lunch enjoyed on the lanai accompanied by a couple Corona's. Nothing like a Mexi-Greek-Americana combo.

                                                                            1. I don't care how much turkey is leftover, and just a plain turkey with mayo on white or whatever kind of bread will do... I am the only one in my family that will eat the leftover turkey in sandwiches, so there is just more for me........

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                                                                                I do this, only I add bread and butter pickles. Turkey, white bread, mayo, bread and butter pickles. It's very comforting and reminds me of home because I got this from my Dad when I was a wee thing. :)