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Nov 20, 2007 08:51 PM

New Turkey Sandwich ideas

We've had some expected guests cancel, so I'm looking at even more leftovers (oh darn) than usual.

I usually like my turkey sammiches simple, maybe with some cranberry sauce or a slice of tomato.

This year, I'm looking for some new ideas. What's your favorite way to make a turkey sandwich?

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  1. Turkey sandwiches always remind me of that "Friends" episode where Ross talks about his sister's delicious turkey sandwich as having a middle layer of bread soaked in gravy of which he called "the maker." It's always seemed like and interesting concept that I've never had the chance to try.

    Anyways, I too like my sandwiches simple so usually some dijon or mayo (try wasabi flavor) You can shred it and make turkey salad sandwiches: try curry in the mayo for an interesting twist. Another simple way is just some turkey, jarlsburg, thin layer of mustard, and sort of lettuce and just a simple balsamic vinaigrette on top: I like vinegar in my sandwiches.

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      That's how I *always* prep my turkey leftover sandwiches...

      Buttered Bread Slice and a thin layer of gravy
      Mashed Potatoes
      Gravy Soaked Bread Slice
      Buttered Bread Slice with a thin layer of gravy

      [all the layers are thin.]

    2. Turkey with mango chutney and brie or apple and cheddar

      1. I'm a boring traditionalist. I just want turkey, mayo, lettuce and (VERY thinly sliced, please!!) tomato and my secret ingredient on the turkey: Garlic Powder.

        Now with a Turkey SALAD sandwich I like mayo, finely diced onion, celery, and a sprinkle of salt, fresh ground pepper, garlic powder and some dried basil. YUM

        1. The best turkey sandwich I've ever had was with cranberry sauce, cream cheese and lettuce on on really great homemade white bread -- potato bread would work, as would challah or even foccacia. It just occurred to me that a touch of horseradish in the cranberry sauce would be a nice touch.

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            Cream cheese? Now why had I never thought of that - sounds like a great sandwich, I'll have to try it!

            1. re: Rubee

              Today, I just made turkey wraps. Layer of cream cheese (whipped works best) on the tortilla, then thinly sliced turkey and cranberry sauce. The kids and DH loved it.

          2. So many possibilities!

            Grilled sandwiches - maybe some pesto mayo, smoked gouda, good bread - grill it up on the press or in a pan w/a weight.

            Turkey curry salad - shread and add mayo and curry powder, sliced grapes and raisins, maybe some walnuts. I like this on pita or over greens if you need a post-turkey-orgy dose of healthy food.

            "Hot turkey sandwiches" - my mother used to do these - slice of white bread, sliced turkey on top, hot leftover gravy poured over. Eat w/knife and fork.

            Husband likes turkey w/hummus - spread hummus thickly on bread of choice, add sliced turkey, he adds extra sharp cheddar and lettuce. Not my bag but an interesting combo.