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Nov 20, 2007 08:04 PM

Turkey drumstick disappearance [Moved from Home Cookin board]

At one time, several supermarkets in my neighborhood sold individually packaged turkey drumsticks (my favorite part of the turkey). One market, in particular, frequently sold them.

In recent years, I rarely see this part of the turkey sold. Today, I saw a local market, selling in addition to whole turkeys, individually packaged turkey breasts. Wouldn't it be reasonable for the drumsticks to be sold, too?

Who is getting the drumsticks? (I know that the recent disappearance of many bee populations is a very important subject to explore, in that bees are very essential in the agricultural cycle, but this drumstick disappearance also calls for a similar investigation.)

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  1. The more upscale the area the more this seems to happen because of the whole "white meat is better for you" load of garbage. I usually have to travel to a different part of town to get the dark meat parts. The Asian markets tend to have just the necks and occasionally wings.

    1. I actually saw drumsticks, thights, wings, and breasts all being sold separately at Whole Foods, for $1-2/lb. shocking, huh?!

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        Actually it is shocking. I was at a Pavillions (upscale Vons/Safeway) last nite with crossed fingers hoping for maybe turkey thighs or leg to make some turkey stock as I had no time to drive to where I know I can get the right stuff- found big wings on sale! They do occasionally carry legs or thighs, but it seems very limited supply compared to the breast "cutlets" etc. They also started carrying the smoked parts. I think they may actually be responding to customer requests as opposed to what their marketing people tell them our area will buy.

      2. Many Southerners who no longer eat pork use smoked turkey parts to season vegetables - greens, beans, etc. - and there's a big market for those year round. Necks, wings, legs, etc. Turkey bacon and sausage are also big sellers and the dark meat is used to make those. I love when I can find turkey thighs. My poultry vendor sells turkey "chops" and all sorts of other items.including drumsticks, smoked and plain. They're out there but it may be dependent on the socio-economic and ethnic make-up of the neighborhood and part of the country.
        The Renaissance Fair near us buys tens of thousands of pounds of one-pound turkey legs each year for their festival and I imagine the other Renaissance Fairs around the US offer a similar food item.

        1. Here in Houston I can get smoked turkey legs, wings and necks from just about any grocery store in town! They have raw, as well.

          1. I live in Tampa and can buy wings and drumsticks raw any day of the week. it's the breast portion they never have. I'll find that a couple times a year. My guess is we're getting your legs lol.