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Nov 20, 2007 06:32 PM

Christmas Cookies?

Hi everyone,
I'm wondering if any of you know a place I could purchase a tray of Christmas cookies? I'm looking for a place that makes a mix (not just gingerbread or shortbread).
Thanks for any suggestions you may have!

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  1. Are there any cookies you DO want in specific?

    (You might be a bit on the early side for this posting. I know we are just sorting our offerings out, haven't made final decisions yet. If I'm not behind other bakeries, you might need to wait about two more weeks.)

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    1. re: BavarianBaker

      I'm sure any of the top bakeries would be happy to arrange for this. I'm thinking Rahier, Patachou. Summerhill Market has beautiful cookies they sell in cellophane bags. You could purchase and arrange on your own tray - no?

      1. re: BavarianBaker

        I suppose I am starting early - what a change for me! And I'm happy to wait, of course. I was hoping for a mix of sugar cookies of different types/shapes, some gingerbread and shortbread, maybe some squares. I suppose I'm remembering the homemade cookies of my youth. (This is the first year I'll be hosting Christmas for my family).

      2. If you are interested, West Finch Bakery (1107 Barmac) (416-743-2661) make FANTASTIC almond cookies, and they do them in a variety of flavours, such as chocolate chip, espresso, amarena, pistachio, candied orange. They are divine! And during the Christmas season, a lot of people order from them for corporate gifts etc., and they are beautifully wrapped, in a very European way. They are sold by weight, and the corporate almond cookie baskets go from 1 to 6+ kg., but if you just need a small tray, you can purchase that too!

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          You make them sound delicious, my mouth is watering, thanks for the suggestion!

        2. There is normally an event every year called Signatures Craft Fair - it's cancelled this year, but there is normally a Mennonite family who sell 20 or 30 different kinds of Christmas cookies - you can pick and choose, and they ever box them up beautifully. I'm going to the One of a Kind show this morning - if they show up there, I'll report back.

          Also consider the Christmas Around the World event, which takes place in the rotunda at City Hall on December 1st and 2nd. It's put on the the Toronto Folk Art Council and there are representatives from 18 countries with their traditional Christmas foods available. The husband and I go with huge empty Tupperware containers and come home with the things filled with cookies.

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          1. re: SherylKirby

            There is also a Mennonite Christmas Festival at Habourfront Nov 30-Dec 2. If you really love those christmas cookies you might want to try your luck there.

            1. re: cheesymama

              I would call "The Queen of Tarts" (on Roncesvalles) or "Dufflet"..
              The reply from "icey" on this post sounds like a good bet as well.....

              1. re: cheesymama

                Nah.. I've been, it's not the same thing. The Harbourfront event is basically a huge sale of stuff from Ten Thousand Villages.There is a section with food, but the cookie ladies have not been there is previous years.