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Nov 20, 2007 06:05 PM

Substitute Cuacao for Grand Marnier in dressing?

I am trying a dressing recipe for Thanksgiving. Calls for dried apricot simmered in 1 1/2C of Grand Marnier. A bit pricey and I already have a bottle of Curacao. Any thoughts on how it would work instead??

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  1. Curacao will work but if you are using the simmering liquid after, I'd spring for Grand marnier.

    1. I've used, successfully, other orange liqueurs, to replace grand marnier. Of course, there is no real substitute for it. So, I'm a cheap so-and-so...I'll spring for the acceptable substitute, and save the Grand Marnier for when someone brings me a bottle as a gift. I see a recipe that has a liqueur in it and check for what I have, and can use. It'll just change the subtleties of the flavours.