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Nov 20, 2007 05:41 PM

smashed Yukon Gold potatoes and caramelized onions?

I nee to make mashed potatoes without any dairy for a lactose intolerant relative. So I thought I would make smashed Yukon Gold potatoes and mix them with some caramelized onions sauteed with olive oil. Can anyone see any problems with this?

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  1. It sounds good. I'd probably add some chicken/turkey broth so it isn't too dry and maybe some Earth Balance (I like EB but there are people who don't). I also add turkey drippings to my mashed potatoes.

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    1. Yukons with garlic (can be simmered for a few minutes with potatoes), and olive oil is a classic. Smashed ones don't need a lot of extra moisture, though you could reserve a bit of the cooking water for this. I leave the skins on. (don't forget the s&p).


      1. Saunds yummy. Also, there's lactose-free milk available in some areas. But frankly, I like your idea better.

        1. I make dairy-free mashed for my son using Earth Balance and soy milk. Carmelized onions would be a great additiion.

          1. She made them, and they were delicious.