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Nov 20, 2007 05:35 PM

Wine Blogs

What wine blogs do you read?

I regularly read (among others):

Good Wine Under $20 (
)Good Grape (
)Wannabe Wino (
)One Wine Per Week (
)Fermentation (
)Dr. Vino (
)Brooklynguy loves wine (
)Wild Walla Walla Wine Woman (http://wildwallawallawinewoman.blogsp...
)Wine Scamp (
)Erika Strum (


And of course there's the Pour, Vinography, and the more established places. But where do you find info from alternative sources? I'd love to find a few to add to my bookmarks.

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  1. S**t, I just noticed, I don't read ANY wine blogs.

    I'll have to stick to old wino habits.
    a.k.a. YLAYD = You Learn As You Drink
    alternatively: WYDIWYL = What you drink is what you learn.

    Sorry, this 1999 Chateau Palmer is affecting my ( fairly depleted by now ) capacities.

    1. Kinda in the same boat as RicRios (though please note that MY sad dinghy doesn't come equipped with no Palmer). That said, Veritas In Vino, Alice Ferring's newish blog, may be the exception that proves the rule. Lots of shared sensibility going on there. Take this quote from a Loire winemaker, which, until the publisher's legal department got ahold of it, was to be the epigraph of her about-to-be-released book: “It is fortunate that Parker wasn’t born to the Eskimos because we would all be eating seal meat.” Arrr!

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      1. re: carswell

        wow, this topic sank like a ton of bricks. I personally find it hard to believe that wine bulletin board posters and lurkers don't also peruse wine blogs, but I guess I'm wrong...

        1. re: domaine547

          Well, speaking for myself, I don't have time (nor, honestly, the interest) in reading 1,367 different blogs:

          a) it takes time to seek them out;
          b) it then takes more time to find the GOOD ones;
          c) it then takes even more time to sift through the wines you aren't really interested in, in order to find those which you are . . .

          I get more information, more quickly, through wine discussion groups in which members of the trade (in sales AND in production) take an active role. Two examples are Mark Squires' and Roy Hersh's respective sites.

          1. re: domaine547

            I tend to visit blogs when they're among the results of a Web search I'm doing on a particular wine or producer. And a few I do check out from time to time focus on regions of France and are in French. But here's another one that's worth reading if you're interested in French wines:

        2. I think you've captured all the decent ones in your list above. I'm partial to brooklynguy and asimov's the pour.

          One that you missed: Lyle Fass's Rockss and Fruit:

          1. In the past couple years, there's been a deluge of wine blogs and what was an interesting novelty in '05 is a bit tedious & repititious nowdays. The vast majority of bloggers just post tasting notes and assign their own ratings, which to me always seems a bit circumspect since you don't know anything about the tastes, preferences or discrimination of the writer.

            I like insightful prose, those that comment on the relationships between wine & culture, wine & business, wine & nature. Notes & points are fine, but I can get the same info off of cellartracker.

            A number of my favorite blogs have already been mentioned but here a couple more:


            And sometimes i listen to the podcasts of

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            1. re: zinFAN

              I also listen to the 3 wine guys on occasion. I find them more entertaining than informative when it comes to wine.

              Everybody else, thanks for the tips. I'll check out some of the ones mentioned.

              1. re: domaine547

                A few I keep up on:

       - good topics, fun to read
       - well written, good reviews, lot's of topics
       - fun, informal, great blog