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Nov 20, 2007 05:19 PM

"Melanie's" under construction on Danforth west of Woodbine

It's on the north side; there's a sign in the window indicating they've applied for a liquor license, and another says "Opening soon: Melanie's". Was driving by, so there may be additional information I couldn't see...

Anyone know anything about this?

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  1. O.K. I drove by slower and noticed the sign said it was a bistro and patisserie. Someone's gotta know something...

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    1. re: Full tummy

      Months ago (beginning of the summer) there was an official re-opening of the playground at East Lynn park and the cake was supplied by Melanie, who said she was opening a bakery/bistro. There hadn't been any work done at the site in months so I'd kind of given up. Hopefully it will open soon. I don't remember much about the cake - it was good is all I remember.

    2. Just putting this out there again to see if anybody has heard news. I see a sign up now: "Melanie's Bistro". The windows are still papered over with signs indicating they're hiring.

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        You could get in touch with the neighbourhood busybodies, uh, I mean community association, they seem to know what's going on in the 'hood.

        1. re: hoagy294

          lol, or call to ask about a job...

          I'm within walking distance, so hoping for something decent there. The Yellow Pages has it listed as Melanie's Bistro & Patisserie -

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            I'm in walking distance, too! Saw a fellow carrying what appeared to be a coffee machine out of the door tonight and all lights were on inside. Yes, I was aware of the patisserie part and am hoping, big time.

      2. It's open now, they are open for breakfast
        and lunch this week . As of next week they're offering dinner as well Wednesday to Sunday.

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        1. re: hoagy294

          Ya, I dropped by two nights ago for dinner and discovered that. Did you go in? Did you see a menu? Any sign of patisserie? I'm hoping....

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          Melanie's Bistro
          1870 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4C1J4, CA

          1. I received an email with the menu attached from someone associated with the community association (I told you they know everything!). I haven't been in yet. I guess after the downfall of Beanies and Niche I better start eating out more to support the neighbourhood businesses.
            Sorry, tried to attach the menu, didn't work. It's pastas and salads and sandwiches at lunch, pasta + fish and risotto and cornish hen and steak at lunch and a full brunch menu which I can't remember other than a lot of eggs and some yogurt, granola, pancakes. Actually it's a pretty good variety.

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              Hoagy, can you copy and paste the menu here? It would be interesting to see. :)