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Tandoori Flame--Holy Cow!

For those of you who don't turn up your noses at buffets, you might want to try this place on Dixie Rd in Brampton..it's advertised as the largest Indian buffet in Ontario (Canada?) and man, is there ever a lot of choice! Salads galore, all the hot dishes plus meats in large tavas..the freshly-grilled chicken tikka made me think of Brazilian style restos that charge three times as much. Two kinds of soups and a dozen flavours of ice cream plus various pastries and more..you won't need to eat again for some time!

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  1. Tried it's Saturday buffet about a month ago and enjoyed it very much, should go back and try and reanalyze it or talk to the owners! I did not quite understand the cooking or flavours of many items, somewhat to quite different for Indian cuisine and I have enjoyed many regional styles.. While the food itself is different, the majority of the very many diners and large families were Indian. You certainly are correct about the large variety. Heck, I think I remember a Pizza Stand!!!???

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      with three types of pizza, including a chicken tandoori one.

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        What's the price for the buffet per person?

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          $10.99 lunch Mon-Fri, I think two bucks more on wkend, not sure of dinner.

    2. Not a fan of curried items but I love grilled chicken.

      You say theres lots of it? How about for a regular white dude whos palette can't take the spice?

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        There are at least 2 items on the side where the tavas are, as well as the meats in the tavas, that aren't overly sauced or dry-spiced, so I don't think you'd have any trouble scarfing them..

      2. I cannot find a listing for them. Is this the same place that is on Confederation Parkway in Mississauga?

        1. Chef of India (daily lunch buffet) -- 30 Eglinton Ave. East - Tel.: 416-485-5552 - Disappointing. Supper is much better but not as good as at Agra Indian Cuisine on the west side of Yonge, just north of Sheppard. We've only done take-out, but even then their service seems great (e.g., while looking over the menu to do a take-out order, they've seated us, brought us water and pappadams). The food was excellent. Now Amaya the Indian Room 1701 Bayview (corner Soudan) recently got rave reviews (Toronto Star Star july 07) – Reservations a must. Tel.: 416-322-3270 – See http://www.opentable.com/rest_profile...

          Khana Khajana ****
          7117 Bathurst – 905-771-6661
          Excellent Mulligatawny, tandoori gobi and paneer tikka

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            Yes, for some reason Tandoor Flame hasn't got its act together vis a vis being findable on the web. The location is 8150 Dixie Rd, at Orenda north of Steeles. I believe a Vinnie Zuchini used to be in this spot.

            I first went with my Indian in-laws, and I was one of maybe three non-Indians there... Since then, the restaurant has advertised heavily on radio ("Canada's biggest Indian buffet!"), and when I returned recently with co-workers, the lunchtime crowd was quite mixed, with lots of "regular white dudes" enjoying themselves.

            It is definitely the biggest Indian buffet I've seen, there's really too much there when you throw in the giant salad bar, pizzas, sweets... I wish it had a more comprehensive pickle section, however! One distinguishing item is the panipuri bar - I'd never seen that at a restaurant before.


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              100% agree. Lunch is even worse. Service is nil. I asked for a glass of chilled white wine in a 'cold' glass' and I did not get it... The staff needs training.
              May I suggest the following:
              Agra Indian Cuisine -- It's on the west side of Yonge, just north of Sheppard. Comment on the web: ''We've only done take-out, but even then their service seems great (e.g., while looking over the menu to do a take-out order, they've seated us, brought us water and pappadams). The food was excellent.''

              Khana Khajana ****
              7117 Bathurst – 905-771-6661
              Comments on the web: ''Excellent Mulligatawny, tandoori gobi and paneer tikka''

              The Sidhartha --30 Eglinton Ave. E. 416-485-5552-- No reviews, to my knowledge

              Amaya the Indian Room 1701 Bayview (corner Soudan) – Rave review TO Star july 07 – Reservations a must. Tel.: 416-322-3270 – See http://www.opentable.com/rest_profile...

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                Tandoori Flame
                8150 Dixie Rd, Brampton, ON L6T5N9, CA

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                  tandoori flame on dixie god no way went with my girls, food was very soso.

                2. wiley, just commending you on your funny, ironic title for the post! LOL!

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                    Yep, Pard'er, LOL need your comment on the food. please!! Since this posting, I have learned some from Chowhound & some from friends --- and it is interesting to find helpful comments!! Did not know that there may be another location ----- original post from Wiley walks the walk!!!

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                      Finally someone noticed! ;>) The food in general was more than adequate to me, some of the items in the centre of the tavas were too oily, but you can avoid them, I'm just saying, there are sooo many items there,everyone is likely to find something they'll go back for more of.. I drove for an hour to try this place out and wasn't disappointed.

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                        Was back today with 2 youngsters that were not adventurous, tended to head for Pizza, Fruit, desserts with small diversions to foods not spicy! Tandoori chicken, likely roasted in the pizza oven, bland result! Perfect for them, very enjoyable for us! My analysis follows again yours in the variety, etc. Plus in several unique offerings --- 2 different soups than on previous visit for example! ----- There were less Indian folks/family at our early noon arrival and maybe there some Chowhound citizens! The dessert/fruit & salads predominate to a degree, look around and understand, ask!! Family fare, A OK 100% --- and as per many cuisines, the hot and spicy cuisine is no where near the volcanic needs I require!! Remember the family visit,I was reminded that my eyes were tearing by a child, but on a very low minimal levvel!!!!! MAN I NEED HEAT, but a chance to enjoy more than I've mentioned!! ---- Next visit, not too soon, when in the area, perfect for children also!!

                    2. tried it yesterday, Saturday, and found the flavours and spicing similar to the best Gerrard,,little India has to offer. Tandoori Flame used to be the veg resto. Brar sweets. even their bill still shows Brar food culture. The branch on Dixie and Advance rd. is back with veg. buffet offering ,,,yay..

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                        My goodness where do I start?

                        Well for some reason the Indian relatives really liked it, but my partner and I( he's the Indian side) thought it was the worst Indian meal we've ever had.

                        Sure, the food looks great, and the bathrooms are nice, but the service is abysmal and the food severely dull. 20-30 minutes to get coffee /tea that still managed to arrive cold for several diners. Dirty plates piled up until I started to clean them up myself. Not sure what the issue is there.

                        On the food- zero flavor-the"raita" reminded me of mayo -agree with gimel- really lackin in the pickle/condiment area- just that stand in mango jam.
                        I *really* did try to find something that was decent- but i only found some dessert item I cannot even now recall, it was so forgettable.

                        Thank goodness I made of for it at Chef of India, and Mount Everest ( excellent desserts there!) recently-!

                      2. I have never seen an indian buffet quite like this. EVER!! I was amazed. Yes the service wasn't the best and the food was average/good (although I loved the butter chicken). However compared to the many, many, many Indian buffet's I have been to this place is unique. The pani-puri station, the tawa station, the stack of papadums.

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                          has anyone been to Tandoori Flame recently? I'm lookiing for an indian buffet place for tonite and am considering TF - is it worth the drive out to brampton (i'm in the east end)?

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                            Anybody ever try India's Taste on Ray Lawson Drive @ Mavis Road just North of the 407 on the East side...I have taken a few 'Tandoori Flame' ravers there and they all say this place is better...excellent service, excellent food, large buffet that I have never tried half of the items due to it's size, and the food excellent...and fans of sweets will see a large selection there as well.

                        2. Finally, an Indian buffet that can you can actually hang your hat on and might actually convert a few of you to eat Indian more often. The most intriguing thing about Tandoor flame is that the food is actually not that bad given I have tried many Indian buffets rated to have 'good' reviews. The total number of items is not overwhelming but what they make is either good or very good. The service is decent as well. The price is not on the cheap end and may actually be overpriced given how little my kids ate but hey I'm not going to rain on their parade.