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Nov 20, 2007 04:50 PM

New menu at Acme Burger Co (SLC)

Popped in last night to find a new winter menu in place. Categories have been changed a bit...a larger "Shared" offering and "The Really, Really Good Stuff" with 3 dishes echoing that Globe Cafe vibe. If we weren't headed for the Jazz game I would have gone for the Chipotle Currant Short Ribs, and will do so my next visit.

Most noteworthy change is the Salmon Burger is gone, replaced with an Ahi Tuna Burger on Squaw Bread with Pea Tendrils and Wasabi Cream. Sounds awesome, but that Salmon Burger kicked butt.

I started with Elk Tartare which was nothing short of extraordinary. The meat had a fabulous, dense texture and pure meat flavor, perfectly accentuated by the cornichon, shallot, whole grain mustard and capers folded into the chopped meat. My bro-in-law went with the hummus/baba appy, with some very nice toasted pita. The dips were good, but not in the same league as those at Mazza.

He had gone the Veggie Burger route his previous 2 visits, so I encouraged him to get the beef, so he ordered a Classic with blue cheese crumbles and was suitably impressed.

I did a couple of Minis, with Swiss, Bacon and Roasted Onion Compote. Way yummy,
as were the shoestring fries.

Service on the last 2 visits has been MUCH improved, and according to the chef they are doing a bang up business, some 500 covers on the previous Saturday night.

I realize that a couple of posters have had less than stellar experiences, but I heartily encourage them to give ABC another try. Service seems to be settling in, and the new menu is a stunner.

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  1. Thanks for the report. I will venture in thanks to your report. So far what I've heard has been mixed, but I'm putting my faith in you GG :) I just moved here from Reno and am starting to settle in. Nice to know there is at least one SLC poster out there!

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    1. re: enbell

      I'll look forward to your results! I'd recommend starting with the Breath Enhancer on your first visit. As a newcomer to SLC you need to immerse yourself in our garlic burger culture, and the Acme B.E. is arguably the best.

      1. re: GroovinGourmet

        We finally tried the place this past Saturday. A mixed bag, some great some so-so. Tried the ahi spring rolls, salmon, lamb burger, ostrich burger, caesar salad with ahi and a standard burger in grande size. With a whole bunch of sides as well.

        I was generally impressed by the place and will certainly be back. Full review to come soon.


        1. re: gringo_stu

          Looking forward to the details, needless to say.

          I'm with you... not everything works for me either. Surprising, seeing as everything that came out of the Globe and Tree Room kitchens during Kreisel's tenures was astoundingly good.

          But they obviously have to go for broader appeal, and that may mean less than exciting results for some.

          I think things bode seems to be good, the kinks seem to be less and less with each successive visit, and chef has shown the willingness to pull or change things from the menu that don't work, though I hope he'll bring that salmon burger back. I think that's been my fave sandwich so far, with the muffinized Breath Enhancer a close second.

          1. re: GroovinGourmet

            Wanted to give this place another shot since bagging on them during their opening week. After allowing a few months to work out the kinks and intrigued by what I'd been reading on this board, I've since been back twice. Both times with mixed results. Tried the lamb burger, it's fine. I've made better at home with far more simple preparation. I orderd crabcakes, the waitress said they were out. Ordered the ceasar salad instead, salad never came. Waitress came back and said crabcakes were suddenly available again (frozen?). Ordered them, they were dry little balls of dough. The crab is ground so fine that when mixed with the breading you can't make out what's what. I'm guess they're deep fried because they come out resembling fallafal. May be a personal choice on my part but IIike to see actual juicy pieces of crab in my crab cake. My wife had the classic burger, it was great, but again it IS just a burger. And the shoestrings are the best around, but will I go out of my way for them? Probably not. Went again after that visit with a group, not my choice, and tried the Tuna burger. Not a burger so much as just a piece of tuna on a bun. VERY Uninspired. It's literraly a tuna steak on a bun. Supposedly they use the most top quality tuna available, which to be honest it did have a fresh clean taste, but really could've been dressed up some more. I expected more of a tuna tartare ground up patty with maybe some sesame, soy, mixing the wasabi cream in with the burger, anything. My aunt and I both ordered it and just removed the tuna steaks from the bun and ate it plain with a knife and fork. Just very bland. The onion rings we ordered family style were great, and the butternut squash soup was good, but nothing out of this world. I'm still not seeing the vision.


            1. re: grkboy

              Great to see another Salt Laker on here Danny!

              I think I'm on the same page as you regarding ACME. All the sides are perfect and the basic burgers seem great too. Things seem to get a little hit and miss outside of that.

              I've only been the once but am certainly planning a revisit in the new year to see how things progress.