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Nov 20, 2007 04:18 PM

Ice Maker - Clear Ice, Cubes not Crescents?

Hi All,

We're going to put in a dedicated bar, and one of the appliances we'd like is an ice maker. I'm sure I'm not the only chowhound who wants symmetrically shaped ice for even melting (round, cube, octagonal, etc...just not crescents or rectangles), and ice that's "clear" meaning the minerals and dissolved oxygen have been removed.

Any thoughts?
Marvel has a clear cube maker, manitowoc has a cube maker, and an octagon maker, Scotsman has a "half dice" maker...

Others are GE, Franklin, Kitchenaid, but I haven't figured out exactly what type of cube they make.

The guy at the local appliance store warned me away from U-Line, which apparently has some pretty bad reliability problems right now.

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    1. re: fafner

      It seems a little industrial though. I've seen real small ones that fit into a home bar; maybe 2 feet high x 2 feet wide. The smallest one Kold Draft has is still capable of making 110 lbs per day! That's nice, but maybe overkill... just a thought, I could be completely wrong.

      1. re: fafner

        Excellent, thanks. Does anyone have any reliability problems with kold draft? Their system looks pretty reliable, and they've actually moved away from fussy electronics and back toward a simpler mechanical system so there are fewer parts to break or need repairs. They've been making machines using the same basic technology since 1955!

      2. Just an update, kold-draft has a home-sized unit, the "Ice Butler," but it doesn't make cubes.

        GE Monogram and Marvel both make clear ice in 3/4" cubes--does anyone have reliability experience, good or bad, with either of those products?