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Nov 20, 2007 04:05 PM

Good Cantonese Roast Pork Wonton Soup

Can anyone suggest a place to find a great cantonese roast pork wonton soup. I was a big fan of Won Kee when it was open and have yet to find a soup similar. My brother and I are always searching in Chinatown for the next great bowl of roast pork wonton soup, but can't seem to find it. A lot of people think NY Noodletown has good wonton soup, but I have been there and I am not convinced.

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  1. Give Wing Wong a try. They're on Mott St. just north of Canal St. Their bbq meats are good and have a pretty quick turnover during lunch and dinner time.

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      Any of those Wongs (Wing, Big, Fu etc) will give u a pretty decent and similar roast pork wonton soup.

      1. re: SomeRandomIdiot

        Not true. I think Big Wong's gone a bit downhill in quality. Fu Wong? Where's that located?

        1. re: liv2eat2008

          It's near the corner of bowery and grand, really close to congee village.

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        Gee. I adore the NY Noodletown roast pork wonton soup (hold the noodles for me, please) So curious as to how the soup at the Wongs differs..better broth? I do agree that the broth quality at Noodletown varies a lot depending on the day and possibly time of day. I will have to give Wing Wong a try soon..

        1. re: erica

          My take on Wing Wong: The bbq meats are fresher at WW vs. the somewhat stale quality you get at BW. The noodle soup broth is very nice which I think has yellow chive. The thin yellow noodles are nice and al dente, not as soft as BW.

          I always order the noodle soup w/ sliced bbq pork and soy sauce chicken w. a side of ginger scallion for the chicken. Definitely get a side of pork spare ribs. I haven't been to NY Noodletown in a while, let me know how WW holds up against it.

      3. Wontonlover,
        You stole my thunder. I've been on a huge Wonton Noodle Soup kick of late, and am in the process of doing a survey - first of Manhattan's Chinatown, then of Flushings - of the various bbq joints that specialize, was even going to dedicate a thread to it. So far, I've been to, in order, Wonton Gardens, Big Wing Wong, New Chau Chiew (sp), New Big Wang, Bo Ky and Big Wong. I am, by no means, done. I still plan to hit Hoy Wong and to make a return trip to Noodletown, whose wonton noodle soup I dug about a year ago. In almost every case, I've gone all out, and ordered both duck and pork. So far, for me, the standout has been the exemplary bowl I got at New Big Wang. The tender duck played off of the slightly tougher pork, the thin yellow noodles wrapped themselves around the wontons, which were just thin-skinned enough and had just the right amount of give. This was a party in a bowl, an explosion of flavors and textures that had my mouth watering for hours after. Big Wing Wong served up a bowl of similar dynamism, and is, in my estimation, maybe half a notch behind NBW. Honorable mention, thus far, goes to Wonton Gardens, whose name might evoke something out of The Honeymooners, but whose American-style wontons do that style a proud turn. They are gigantic, like majestic white mammoths towering over the proceedings, and are very flavorful and fresh tasting (I had the Shanghai Noodle Soup with duck and wontons). Alas, my survey continues. Let me know what you unearth.

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        1. re: Polecat

          I don't keep a list, but I should. I have been to many restaurants on Mott Street and have not been impressed, I must say your description Big Wing Wong has me very interested. I will definitely check it out in the coming weeks. I have yet to go to Flushing, but have had heard good things. If you start up another thread on Wonton soup, let me know. I will keep you posted of any new finds.

          1. re: Polecat

            a place that gets looked over alot (i believe b/c of location) is new huang wang (i think thats what its called, it used to be called new wing wang)..anyhow its on lafayette right below canal and next to excellent dumpling house. that place is very good, i go there on a fairly frequent basis for congee (they have the best congee in ctown in my opinion), but their bbq is very good and i remember their noodle soup being good as well (although its probably been 2-3 yrs since i ordered a noodle soup from there and you know how ctown restaurants can change fairly quickly)

            1. re: Polecat

              I notice at New Big Wang the only chili is the red paste type. I know the red oil (with capsicum pieces) is found more in Szechuan restaurants. Why is it that in so many CTown venues the chili paste predominates over the amazing oil? Maybe a Cantonese or Shanghai thing?
              I can bearly imagine eating soup without some of the "oil of death"!

            2. I like the joint on the corner of Baxter and Walker (right before it intersects Canal). Don't know the English name (or even if it has one). They have great roast meats over rice as well.

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