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Nov 20, 2007 03:45 PM

Chickpea is going back FRIED!!!!!

Got four emails today in response to the four emails I sent to them telling how much the baked falafel sucks.

Here's what they say:


Chickpea greatly values our customers opinions, suggestions and requests.

Due to the overwhelming number of request for Chickpeas Original Fried Falafel we are bringing it back.

Please enjoy your favorite falafel in New York City. falafel once again."

Just before getting the email I walked past the St. Marks location. It was empty. My friend and I commented on how sad a site it was. All they have to do is bring back the fry.

The problem is, I used to just go to Chickpea, but now I know about Taim and that place on Union Square East, both of which are better.

So what do you all think? Will their business recover?

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  1. I got the same e-mail! I'm so happy. I can't wait until they go back! I've missed falafel!

    1. Thanks for letting everyone know! I am glad to hear that I know longer have to walk by Chickpea in disgust.


      1. Guess that is good news. I passed by the empty place today asking them if they had any french fries. They sadly said no, but made no mention about them going back to fried. I do agree with aram in that Taim is much better. But Chickpea tends to be more convenient for us.

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        1. re: Miss Needle

          The problem is, Mamoun's St. Marks is equally convenient, cheaper, and at least as good as Chickpea's fried felafel used to be. I don't care if they go back to fried, unless they bring back my favorite topping, the spicy mixed vegetable pickles (cauliflower prominent among them). Even then, it annoys me that they won't put the tahini and hot sauce into my sandwich themselves. It works better for them to put those in before the rest of the stuff than for me to put it in afterwards - better distribution. But they place a premium on getting people through the line as fast as possible and avoiding complaints from idiots who didn't want so much hot sauce.

        2. What's "that place on Union Square East"?

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          1. re: hungrycomposer

            where I ate last night. Much better in the toppings department than chickpea , but more work too. You need to dress your own falafel.

          2. Used to eat there a lot until I got fed up with their surly & snotty attitudes.

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            1. re: jimnorton

              Has anyone been to chickpea lately? Have they gone back to fried yet?

              As of now, they've lost me to Maoz and Taim.