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Nov 20, 2007 03:06 PM

Arlington/Georgetown/Foggy Bottom Carryout

I work late (8-9 often) and frequently need to pick up something for dinner (for 2) on my way home. I recently moved back to the DC area from a much smaller town, where there were tons of quick options for takeout that had easy parking attached. Obviously, in a major city (with urban-style suburb) this will be more difficult, but I'd love to hear any recommendations for a place where I can drive, pick up food, and take it home.

So far we've been doing a lot of Baja Fresh, Dr. Delivery, Booeymonger and *gasp* even Wendy's from time to time. This needs to change!

Thanks in advance

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  1. I moved out of Clarendon this summer. Here are all the places I wish I was still eating at, that have carry out.

    Its kinda far out in Arlington, but Lost Dog Cafe is awesome. They have a small parking lot, but there is a side streets that have parking. They do have deliver, depending on where you live.

    Even though it is a chain. I really like Moby Dick's House of Kabob. There is one in Clarendon. Its on garfield right off of Washington blvd. Street parking only.

    Super Pollo on Randolph in Ballston is awesome. Cheap and Delicious rotisserie chicken. Has parking.

    The Italian Store on Lee Highway has great subs! parking available.

    Ok that is all I can remember for now. If any more come to mind, I'll post again.

    1. While we don't live in Foggy Bottom anymore, my husband and I recently discovered Rumi. This carry-out and VERY casual dine-in has a variety of foods, primarily focusing on mediterannean items like kebabs, gyro, and mousakka. They also have pizza and a hot buffet, and a limited salad bar.
      Rumi is at 20th and L (the entrance is on 20th Street) and is open late daily.

      They don't have a website but you can view the menu here:

      Also, they deliver to a limited area (unfortunately not to Chinatown, where we currently live). :-(

      1. Some things that are great if you eat them right away suffer from even a simple ride home. So your success will be somewhat limited.

        Ravi Kabob on Glebe just north of Rte 50 has superlative kabobs and some side dishes that are killer, notably the lentils. I could easily make a meal of the lentils alone.

        Taqueria El Charrito Caminante has the best tacos in the area, especially the goat and the chorizo. Plaintains, red beans, yucca con chicharones, really everything is quite good. Pork taco is also good. It will depend on how quickly you can get everything back.

        Depending on where you are in Arlington, the Lebanese Taverna Market might work very well for you. Also right off Lee Highway is La Union Market and Carry Out that has exceptional veggie enchiladas, empanadas de platanos, tamales, this is a place where it is hard to go wrong. Might be hard to find because it is on the same part of Lee as Pastries by Randolph, only a few blocks east.

        El Pollo Rico has divine rotisserie chicken, this is one of your best bets. And you can always carry out Pho from any number of places.

        I really like tonic burgers (Foggy Bottom). In Arlington Marios has some excellent subs (cheeseburger, steak and cheese with ham, Italian cold cut), and pizza and subs from the Italian Store are high quality..

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          Is that tacqueria on Columbia Pike in the parking lot of CVS still there? They offer a good taco, too. TECC is my fave, but this one is a good option.

          In that area, there's also Atilla's - they have decent kebabs (not to compare with Ravi) but I really like their felafel. And you can order take out from either Bangkok 54 or Thai Square.

          1. re: Dennis S

            The taqueria, San Vincente on Colombia Pike, is no longer. We lost a good one there.

            1. re: Steve

              When did San Vicente close? I was there two weeks ago. I always found it to be an interesting place.

              1. re: lmnopeas

                Uh oh, Twilight Zone moment here. Are you talking about the trailer (used to be an Ollie's Trolley way back) in the Adams Mill Shopping Center Parking lot? The shoppping Center with the Giant?

                There were reports way back that the place was closed, and when I passed by there to take a look for myself, it sure looked like it wasn't in business any longer. They had a wonderful chorizo taco, and several other items I tried, including rich red beans and rice tinged orange from carrots were all first rate.

                I would love to hear they are still around - or maybe it was just new owners?

                1. re: Steve

                  That's the place. I think it has changed hands once if not twice in recent times. I'm not sure if the chorizo tacos are even on the menu anymore. The pupusas that I ate a couple of weeks ago were pretty good. It would not shock me if it was closed as I was the only one in there on a Saturday night when other places were packed prior to the national Pupusa day in El Salvador.

        2. Arlington recommendations (some of which have already been listed):

          Ravi Kabob
          Super Pollo
          El Pollo Rico
          Italian Store
          Cafe Tirolo
          El Charrito Caminente
          Lebanese Taverna
          Thai Square
          Nam Viet

          1. Arlington:
            Second Italian Market (call ahead)
            Lebanese Taverna Market or Tarbouch
            Liberty Tavern has a to go
            Carribean Grill
            And then we use Dr. Delivery for a bunch of other places like Rhodeside Grill and etc.