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Nov 20, 2007 02:34 PM

One night/ two days in Houston - where should we go?

My husband will be in Houston for business the end of Nov/ beginning of December. I am flying in on Saturday afternoon and leaving Sunday evening to visit him for his birthday. This is my first trip to Texas and although it is a short one, I would love some insight on some great places to go to in Houston. We love all kinds of food and since the hotel and flight have been taken care of budget isn't an option. Thanks!

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  1. If budget is no issue, then I would definitely do Hugo's for upscale interior Mexican. Also recommend Cafe Annie for high end dining.

    Houston has a large Vietnamese population so the Viet food is some of the best in the country. Search these boards and you'll get lots of recs.

    1. One of my favorites is Churrasco's -- it's South American. There is one at Shepherd and Westheimer and another at Gessner and Westheimer. Magnolia Grill on Richmond for Cajun, Qin Dynasty on Buffalo Speedway & Westpark for Chinese, also Hunan's on Post Oak, Pappadeaux for seafood (several locations). That's just a few. Enjoy your stay.

      1. I am a native Houstonian and can say without a doubt that the place to dine on Saturday night in Houston is at Pappas Brothers Steakhouse on Westheimer not far from the Houston Galleria. Celebrate your husband's birthday at Sunday Brunch at Brennan's Restaurant Brennan's is a New Orleans style restaurant with a jazz treo during Sunday brunch. They will treat your husband like a king, so let them know it is his birthday. Have a bloody Mary, a delicious brunch and top it off with bananas foster, their specialty. This is near downtown on Smith Street. Both of these restaurants are superb! My family loves these places for special occasions. Bon apetite.

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          Brennan's looks amazing! Thank you.
          How does Pappas Brothers Steakhouse compare to Vic and Anthonys (which my husband raves about from his earlier to trips to Houston)?

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            IMO Pappas Brothers and Vic and Anthonys are the two top steakhouses in town. Go to Pappas so your husband can compare.

        2. This is a good choice for some more exotic food. It's very good and is in a quaint location with beautiful scenery.

          1. I second Churrasco's, you can cut the steak with a fork, plus they have other wonderful menu items.
            I also like Qin Dynasty and if you're downtown try China Garden. They have the best egg rolls and lemon chicken I've ever eaten.
            Luling City on Richmond at the Galleria area has great BBQ.