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Nov 20, 2007 02:14 PM

Must have seafood Vancouver experience? Help with my list of restaurants much appreciated!

Hi all!

So I'm looking for a uniquely Vancouver amazing foodie experience... Seeing as it is Vancouver, and I do love seafood... obviously my emphasis is on seafood. Don't eat pork or beef, going with my dad and so sharing little plates of things is an added bonus, and price or atmosphere (can be fun, can be casual, can be upscale or not, can be a hidden gem, long as it's not overrated) are flexible. Love sushi (hoping to try some goeduck or abalone somewhere), anything seafood, and nothing too heavy. Only cuisines that I don't really enjoy are Chinese, and French and Italian are ok but I would rather have other cuisines. Also love cheese...don't think this can be put into consideration, though :) I only have one lunch, and one dinner. From previous research I've found:

C Restaurant
Bin 941
Guu with Garlic or Kyingo (which is better?)
Sun Sui Wah (for the crab)
Dan's Japanese

Leaning towards Guu or Kyingo because it's not something I can find in Chicago, or probably anywhere else very easily in America. Is this better for lunch or dinner?

Having a tough time deciding between dinner options... Bin 941 is appealing for the sharing/seafood/reviews, C for the all seafood choices, Chambar for the reviews, and Vij's for the reviews (though I'm skeptical that it means it will be a bit overrated and think I might be able to get something similar in Chicago)

Leaning away from West (heard mixed reviews, though I'm sure I would really enjoy it but it might be one of those overrated restaurants) and Sun Sui Wah (only considered it because of such high praise of dim sum and the live crab).

What are your opinions on these? Also, there's a possibility my sister might come with her kids... if so, are any of these appropriate for a 4 year old and a 6 mos old? If not, any suggestions?

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  1. I'm on record as being underwhelmed with Vij's-plus No Reservations for there's no way you could go with kids- I've never seen seafood on the menu there.

    Bin 941 is more like a bar than a restaurant plus reviews of late have been quite poor it's no place for kids too cramped/noisy-the other Gord Martin place you haven't picked up on is Go Fish some of the best seafood cooking in the city.Limited hours though more of a late lunch/early dinner place all seating is outdoors.

    Guu w/Garlic is again more of a bar but I love the food including seafood.

    Dan I haven't been to yet maybe later this week-if it's Japanese with kids take them to Sushi Aoki on Broadway near Cypress St very kid friendly very good value.

    Does Chambar have anything other than Mussels on the menu?Yes I see from the website some farmed Char and Black Cod.Again a notoriously noisy place so may not be suitable for kids.

    Joe Fortes for Oysters if that appeals.

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    1. re: Sam Salmon

      Thank you! Not sure if I will be going with kids, but it's a possibility. Don't mind going to more of a bar atmosphere if the food is what's important. I figured I had to go to an Izakaya, though, so Guu is looking good for dinner.

      Good recs and insight... anyone else have any other thoughts? Specifically, any amazing lunch spots (since I think Guu is dinner only)?

      1. re: ShikaSfrn

        Guu does do lunch (at least the Thurlow location does)... but it's a different menu consisting of bowl meals (i.e. curries, etc) and not as good as their izakaya dishes at night.

        I have to admit, I was also underwhelmed by Vij's.
        Sushi Aoki is great... basic atmosphere, but it's quite affordable, the sushi chef wears this funny hat/mask, they offer creative rolls, and the sashimi was fresh the time I went... but given all your other options, I might actually skip it.
        Go Fish is a definite must for tourists - great food, great view (just pick a nice day).

        Hmm... not sure if you're into hot dogs... but for lunch, if you're wandering around downtown, how about the Japa Dog hot dog stand?

    2. I think either Lift or Carnero's, both with great views at Coal Harbor, are great for lunch. The view's are great and the food is usually very good.

      Do you really think you can get something similiar to Vij's in chicago? I travel a lot and I've found nothin in LA or the SF Bay area that compares. Maybe Tabla in NY and another restaurant in Singapore, but that's as close as I've found. It's teriffic and in a class by itself.

      1. Just a note. Abalone cannot legally be harvested in BC waters, so you are not likely to find it on a menu. Some is imported, but it is very hard to find and will not be fresh.

        Goeduck is harvested and may be available.

        No restaurant suggestions.