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Nov 20, 2007 01:52 PM

Hamilton ex-pats: Roma/slab pizza in Toronto?

Hamiltonians, present and former, you know what I'm talking about... that gorgeous slab pizza from the Roma bakery on Barton.

For the uninitiated, it's a large rectangle of fluffy bread (definitely some olive oil involved there) topped with a thin layer of finely milled, zesty, pleasantly oily tomato sauce. No cheese is involved. You eat it at room temperature.

I've never seen anything similar in Toronto grocery stores. Is this purely a Hamilton invention or is there some magical place in Toronto where I can find this?

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  1. I know exactly what you're talking about and need to know where to find it too!! It remiinds me so much of my childhood!!

    Keeping my fingers crossed that it is available in Toronto :)

    1. oh, man do i miss roma parents used to go over to the mountain location (might have been in the plaza at gage and fennell?) after mass on sundays and pick up two slab pizzas - one tomato and one white - and a mess of chocolate chip buns. damn, they were good. i also discovered that this stuff is even better if you pop it in the oven for about 10 minutes to crisp up the bottom crust (although i realize that's heresy back in the hammer).

      alas, i haven't found anything even remotely similar in toronto. somewhere in my travels i picked up a (possibly erroneous) fun fact that suggested that the first pizzas were essentially leftover bread dough smeared with crushed tomatoes and baked by the mamas in napoli in the community oven after the week's baking was done. sounds a heck of a lot like a roma pizza to perhaps this is napolitano-style pizza? just speculating, but it might help to find it if we know what to ask for. (what the heck do i know, my family's from friuli where pizza typically comes thin crust, with cheese...)

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        sunday I saw them on sale at Fortino's in Lakeshore and Dorval in Oakville.

        One of the nurses brought them in 2 months ago and I still have fond memories.

        I think a quick toast in a toaster oven would surely elevate this pie.

      2. Check your local Fortinos...our office just had Roma cater our United Way final wrap up. There were left overs a plenty...

        1. You might want to give Riviera Bakery on college, west of Bathurst, a try. I've seen slab pizza that sounds similar to this on their counter. Not sure if it's cheeseless, though...

          1. I have not encountered this type of pizza anywhere in TO. In fact, now that I know there is some in Hamilton, it may warrant a road trip.

            BTW, This type of pizza did actually originate in Rome. A bakery called Antico Forno in the Campo dei Fiori neighborhood specializes in "Bianco" with olive oil and salt and "Rosso" with tomato sauce added.

            It is very similar to foccacia bread, but with less water and not as much fermentation time.

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            1. re: bogie

              thanks for the info, bogie - another random fact to add to the ever-increasing esoteric food chaos in my brain. :)

              olivia, i can't say for sure that Roma still makes the white pizza (anybody know?) - i just know that we got it routinely when i lived with the folks, which is more than a decade ago now.