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Nov 20, 2007 01:47 PM

Breakfast in Cincinnati / Northern KY?

I will be driving through Cincinnati on Sunday morning and would love to stop somewhere local for breakfast. Three requirements:

1) Must be open on Sunday
2) Must be somewhat near I-71 and/or I-75
3) Must serve goetta (I want to try it!)

Any suggestions?

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  1. I haven't lived in Cincinnati in years, but the rest of my family does. The one place that comes to mind that meets all of your requirements is the Echo Restaurant in Hyde Park.

    It's pretty easy to get there from I-71.

    The locals may have better hints than me.

    Echo Restaurant
    3510 Edwards Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45208

    1. The Colonial Cottage at 3140 Dixie Highway in Erlanger, KY-- stone building tucked away about a mile S of I-275/I-75. However, Sunday lunch is probably their busiest time, so try to beat the church crowd. They're famous for their goetta and eggs (served anytime) -large portions also.
      If you can't get there, I would second the Echo as a good choice also.

      1. I like The Echo, too, but suggest the following places for their more interesting menus:

        1. Greenup Cafe in Covington, KY (308 Greenup St Covington KY 41011; According to the online menu you can order an entree of goetta or add it as a side to something else. I love the atmosphere -- it's in an old house -- and I can vouch for the omelet and pancakes. You can also buy some pastries to go for the rest of your drive.

        2. Kaldi's (1204 Main St., Cincinnati OH 45202; 513-241-3070). When I was there in May, brunch was great (I had a breakfast burrito) and the beer with it was even better! My friend enjoyed the goetta immensely. It's a bar/coffeehouse/library/music venue/restaurant that's as unique as it sounds, but it's not as polished as Greenup Cafe or The Echo. (FYI: Some chowhounders feel that out-of-towners should be given a heads-up about Over-the-Rhine, where Kaldi's is located. I've not felt unsafe when I've been there, but it's possible you might run into someone asking for money.


        Enjoy your meal, and let us know where you end up!

        1. Greenup Cafe, owned by Jean Robert of local restaurant fame. Do it.

          1. Camp Washington Chili is right off I-75 at the Hopple Street exit. Very good goetta at breakfast. Order the hash browns with onions.