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Nov 20, 2007 01:36 PM

Best Dry-Aged Steak in GTA?

I am not really a steak connoisseur by any means. Usually those high-end steak places are too expensive for me. However, on special occasions, going to a steak place would be nice.

I just came back from a trip out of town, where I tried dry-aged steak for the first time. It was like $55, but very good.

I was wondering if there was a place in the GTA where they serve really great dry-aged steak. And also, what the approximate price would be.

I have read various articles/reviews that Cumbrae's has the best steaks (when you want to do it yourself). What about restaurants?

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  1. All good high-end restaurants serve dry-aged beef. In fact some of them pride themselves on not only serving dry-aged beef but the 'number of days of dry aging'. Typically 28 days or more aging are needed for really tender and flavourful outcome. N44 get their dry aged US prime from Bruno's and are very good. However, one can get equally fine dry-aged steaks at Barbarian, The fifth, Mortons, Ruth Chris, Harbour......etc

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      Charles Yu:

      How sure are you of this info?

      It was my impression that Bruno's doesn't sell dry aged beef and that Morton's doesn't serve it. I also wonder about some of the others.

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        Pretty sure about the Bruno's/N44 dry-aged beef connection. Morton's in the States serve dry-ageg, may be not in TO, but steak in TO still OK. If in doubt head over to Splendido. I know chef David Lee get his beef from Cumbrae and Cumbrae dry-aged their's in a glass windowed cooler for all to see. .

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          A butcher at the Richmond Hill Bruno's did tell me they supply the dry aged beef to North 44. This was a few years ago, so it may no longer be the case.

      2. In a recent report in the Keg thread, cybergod says that Starfish has steak/frites, (Cumbrae rib eye) for $30. Now that is a bargain!

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          Starfish switched suppliers in the last few months apparently, due to "cost" issues with putting a Cumbrae steak on the menu for $30 (not surprising, but disappointing). However, I had the steak at Starfish again recently, and it was still very good (it's also dry aged, didn't get the name of the supplier).

          In addition to their standard 30+ day aged steaks, Cumbrae's also often has some extra-aged (40+ days) beef in the back room. It's really, really good!

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. most of the "top" steakhouses serve dry-aged beef in Toronto
            N44 is good, Barberian's, the Fifth
            Jacob's and Co also had the best in recent memory
            check out what style of restaurant you want to go to: some are old school and stuffy, some are hip and elegant

            1. Haha - I love the term Dry\Wet Aged - why not controlled rot?

              Now I need some steak.

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                Well...someone did market a wine called "Rotting Grape" a few years ago but, unfortunately, it wasn't well rotted.