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Nov 20, 2007 01:23 PM

simple stuffing recipes?

does anyone have a recipe for stuffing that does not have any of the following:


trying to find something simple, yet delicious...

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  1. I make chestnut sausage stuffing with none of the above and it is delicious and simple. Saute two chopped onions in 4 tbsp butter. Add 1 lb sausage meat ( I use breakfast sausage from Harrington's of vermont). cook until no longer pink. Smash or grind up in the cuisinart 2 dozen cooked chestnuts ( I buy them in a jar). Add 4 cups of fresh bread crumbs (pepperidge farm bread is good), salt, pepper and some dry thyme. Add 2 dozen whole chestnuts. Makes 8 cups stuffing.

    1. I do a very simple bread stuffing -- I'll vary it other times, but keep it simple on T-day. I do it by sight and taste though -- so I don't have measurements.

      Saute mirepoix (chopped onions, celery, and carrots) in a little butter until translucent but not browned. Add a little salt & pepper. Chop fresh sage leaves, fresh thyme, a little rosemary, and plenty of fresh parsley. Toss the fresh herbs with bread cubes (I like fresh cubes -- lightly toasted) and the sauteed veggies. Add turkey stock (if you've made it from the giblets, neck, and/or extra parts) or chicken broth (even canned) until just moist -- do NOT soak it.

      Put it in a buttered casserole and drizzle with melted butter or some turkey drippings. Bake until hot through and crispy on top.

      Simple but delicious -- definitely use the fresh herbs -- it makes ALL the difference.

      1. Mine's even the ideas, though.
        1. Fry some onions, gently (add whatever other veggies you want in your stuffing)...
        2. Toss in some thyme, sage, pepper (AKA poultry seasoning)...whatever (recipe? what recipe?)
        3. Pour on some stock: previously prepared turkey, canned chicken, vegetable, even some dry turkey gravy mix (we know the brand) mixed with water, or cubes (taste for the salt level before adding salt)
        4. Take some dry bread, not that mushy stuff, cubed,, leave it out a few hours, of dry it in the oven at 150F for awhile. I bet your local bakery carries some dried cubed bread at this time of year.
        5. Mix them together and taste. Add what you think is missing. I always start with celery powder as the missing magic.
        I can't recall the's all by touch for me, by now....maybe 4 cups of bread cubes to a cup or stock mixed with the onions and all? If it's in a casserole instead of in the cavity of the bird, an egg is added.
        GOOD LUCK, and enjoy!!


        1. Mine is very similar to the first to suggestions, except I include diced apples, and 1/4 - 1/2 cup of white wine toward the end of the veggie cooking process and let that simmer for 10 more minutes. Depending on how crunchy you like your veggies, you can cook them more or less.

          I use 2 day dried bread cubes - a mix of white, wheat, and pump.

          Good luck and don't be afraid to experiment.