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Nov 20, 2007 01:02 PM

Pepe's P & P (Park Slope's Best Pizza...Shhhh...)

Discovery being in the eye of the discoverer, I can’t lay claim to finding the best new slice/pie/calzone/hero shop in Brooklyn (south park slope no less) - It’s just new to me and after several visits over the past month, I’m convinced this place makes one of the best slices I’ve ever had.

From it’s tiny storefront, Pepe’s Pizza and Panini on 4th Avenue – steps from the Prospect Ave. train station between Prospect and 18th Street will soon be over run, with a long wait and accolades from far and wide lining the walls. Until then, get your pizza on hassle free, time though is running out. Given the quantity to quality ratio in the area for pizza – Pepe’s P & P does its part to even out the statistics.

The owner and cook are both masterful in their execution and warmth. The crust is unreal in its tastiness and tomatoes are flown in from Naples. The owner is a Napoli native and it comes through in the freshness and quality of the food. When was the last time you walked into a pizza shop and everyone in there was from Italy hunched over a streaming video of Italian league futbol. The WiFi is extended to any patron who wishes to use it which is a nice touch.

I was with my son a few weeks back on one of the first cold days of the season. Once we ordered, the cook brought us both soup, chicken with escarole, it was delicious. The slices I’ve enjoyed most are the house slice, arugala and prosciutto, and the broccoli rabe and sausage one. For $5 you can get a calzone as big as your head with ricotta, ham, tomatoes and onion.

I remain impressed and wish them all the success in the world – they’re doing it properly and you can taste the love.

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  1. Thanks bklyn J! How do you think it compares with DiFara's?

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      It's impossible to hold a candle to Dom and Pepe's P&P is still wet behind the ears to certain extent. That being said, try for yourself - the margin of exception to the rest of the PS slice shops is pretty vast. Maybe in 50 years those dudes will have the same well deserved rep as DiFara.

    2. I just noticed this place on my frequent runs to the Home Depot and after your post gave it a try yesterday. What a great place with excellent pizza. Great ingredients and a really friendly vibe. Usually I just go straight cheese as my barometer, but when I walked in, I was offered slices of several specialty pies. I ended getting a slice of everything he had available (I didn't see any plain cheese slices), one stuffed slice with ham, pepperoni and cherry tomatoes (nice touch), one slice of a thin crust w/ prosciutto and, I think, arugala, and another stuffed slice that had marinara and a sprinkling of parmesan on top and spinach and ricotta in the middle. The last slice being a very hefty and filling slice. They were all delicious and the thin crust on the prosciutto slice indicates they must make a mean cheese slice as well. Calzones looked great. Can't wait to go back to this gem.

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        1. Dropped into Peppe's the other day after reading the initial post and I have to agree that it's deifinitely the best I've had in the Park Slope area--Nice guys, too.

          1. Just stopped in tonight. I was amazed - having this place open next to me is like winning the lottery without buying a ticket. The crust on the house slice is crispy but not cracker-crumbly, and the sauce tastes as fresh as you can imagine - plus not too salty (the only salt in the pizza comes from the cheese), meaning that I'd taken down a whole slice before I even reached for my coke. They're really friendly, too, justly proud of what they've come up with. Get in now before the line stretches from here to Franny's.