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Nov 20, 2007 12:43 PM

Again today... Boards...down arrow... problem

Can't find my post from yesterday so one more time - using the down arrow triangle to the right of Boards is again producing Whoops 404 page not found. Again the word /blog is in the address where it doesn't belong.

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  1. And again - fixed. Don't get it.

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    1. re: ns538bmk

      My current working theory is that the problem is being caused by some other element on the page -- maybe if the 'blog' promo is in the right side bar, for example, then you have the problem, but if the 'recipe' promo is there, you don't. I haven't been able to pin it down, quite yet, and Engineering is working on finding and fixing it, too, but I believe that's why it appears to come and go.

    2. It's baaaaack.... as of right now. I have to exit CH and re-enter to get to a new board, except when I can get there from "MY CHOW"

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      1. re: Xiao Yang

        I hope they'll find and fix this soon, but with the Thanksgiving long weekend, it's likely to be a couple of days. The board list on the front page (that you reach if you just click on 'boards' instead of on the down arrow) does have the right links, I believe, so that's a good second choice for when the drop down menu isn't working.