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Nov 20, 2007 12:37 PM

Hannukah Help!

Only days until it's Hannukah time! I'm good to go on the latke's but I could really use some help with a non-brisket main-dish. We have a few non-red meat eaters making their way over for drunken dreidle and I'd love to have something for them too. Any suggestions?

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  1. I always make a baked fish dish. Stay with me on this.....It is from the Williams-Sonoma website and it is really good with latkes. It is a sweet and sour dish with currents and onions. Take a look at it. Or sometimes I do a couple veg side dishes and serve egg noodles with sauted onions and cabbage. I wish it was later in the month like it was last year. Another big meal! Oy!

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      Thanks cookiehound. I hadn't thought about doing fish. I'll have to check it out.

    2. What about a roasted chicken with lemon, garlic, and rosemary?

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        Hey Daisy. I was leaning towards chicken but roast chicken is something I do all the time. I was figuring that I should do something more 'festive.' I guess most of this comes from the fact that I'm not Jewish! I guess I feel like I have to impress the family and friends that are.

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          chicken is always a winner in my family. I guess if you want to be exotic you could make duck... and fry the latkes in duck fat... hmm, nontraditional but I bet that would be yummy

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            Spicedish...believe me your family and friends will be impressed that you are making homemade latkes. They are the star of Chanukah and everything else is totally secondary! Serve them with homemade apple sauce and sour cream. For dessert it is also traditional to have jelly doughnuts (dunkin doughnuts work!). Have some chocolate coins for the kids, a menorah and you have Chanukah. Roasted Chicken seems right to me for Chanukah if you don't want brisket. Don't worry....this is just a happy, festive holiday and remember it is all about the latkes that everyone has been waititng all year for.

        2. I'm having 30 for Chanukah one of the nights. I'm also tired of having brisket or pot roast tho it is easy to do for a crowd. That plus I like sour cream with my latkes and I keep kosher at home so meat and milk together is no go.

          I've decided to have a buffet. I'm going to make spicy-ish tuna kebabs and either poached salmon or roasted salmon with a glaze, spinach pie, salad of some sort, cheeses and perhaps a bake brie and of course latkes and homemade applesauce and yes, sour cream! I'm also making mulled cider as a drink option. This year it's a non-meat year. It's interesting that they had a vegetarian menu option posted on Epicurious at their Chanukah post.

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            30?! I can't even imagine!! I think your menu sounds fantastic. I may nab a recipe or two from it.

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              The tuna kebabs are from Epicurious and are delicious - I made them in the summer for the first time. My triumph is that I bought frozen tuna steaks at Costco for $5.99 a lb! so it's even fairly reasonable. I use a mustard and apricot jam glaze for the salmon so that's easy as pie. The spinach pie is an old tried and true recipe from "Diet for a Small Planet" - it's crustless so very simple as well. The rest I make up as I go. My nephew and his fiancee and a close friend all come to help cook. By the end of the cooking the floor is an ice skating rink from the oil in the pan for the latkes! But it is great fun.

          2. has a number of lovely Hanukkah menus on their site. Here's the link:


            Don't forget to look at the second page. Lots of great menus there, too.

            And they also have a Hanukkah guide, complete with videos, recipes, etc.:


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              We also like to serve sour cream in addition to homemade apple sauce so we have a dairy or parve (neither dairy nor meat) dinner. The star is the latke and the other food is only to keep the guests busy while fresh latkes are coming out of the frying pan. I cook a pot of soup and some homemade bread like a whole wheat cheese swirl or a cinnamon raisin bread. After the presents have been scattered over the floor we have a dessert of every cookie I felt like baking during the weeks before the holiday.

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                Great links. I just found a wonderful sounding recipe for spinach with olives, raisins and pine nuts that will fit right into my menu. Thanks.

              2. How about Chicken Marbella from the Silver Palate? Easy to do and serves a crowd.

                I'm planning an Italian themed Hanukkah this year. Homemade cheese canneloni, plain ziti with butter and parmesan for the picky kids, salad, garlic bread. But maybe I'll add a fish dish as well for more protein. And of course latkes to start.

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                  You've all been so great with suggestions! I think I've decided that chicken with apricots and almonds might be the way to go. Daisy... your encouragement is so sweet thank you!