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Nov 20, 2007 12:28 PM

cheap eats in the EV not too far east...

i know there are a million places to go but my mind is blanking and i need a good cheap not too heavy place to meet friends for an early dinner....

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  1. how cheap? perbacco, telephone bar & grill. s'mac, pangea, takahachi, mercadito, 5 points, mermaid inn, three of cups, how cheap we looking?

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    1. re: fein

      mermaid inn and perbacco are a little too expensive - nothing too fancy or nice...

      1. re: fein

        I second Takahachi, especially their early bird special is a terrific bargain. I'm not sure if Dok Sunis is still open but its very reasonably priced.

        If you want really cheap, Dumpling Man or Rai Rai Ken are options but no frills.

      2. Veselka? Can be as light or heavy as you want.

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        1. re: LeahBaila

          If you're going ethnic I'll also suggest Ukrainian National Home's restaurant - pierogi (w/sour cream and fried onions), potato pancakes,2 beers, tax and tip should be just under $30.

        2. Cafe Orlin and Yaffa Cafe, are cheap. They are both located on St. Mark's Place.

          If you indicated what type of cuisine is preferred, you'd probably get more recommendations.

          1. westville east. cheap, good eats, great market plate of veg.

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            1. re: bigjeff

              Tsampa on E 9th is a great Tibetan place. A bit dark, but a nice place with light yet filling food (all entrees for 10-12 bucks). For an early dinner, should be plenty of space. Nicer decor, ambiance, and cleanliness level than a lot of the St. Mark's places around the corner. I second Veselka as mentioned before too. I always like sitting outside there to people watch, but I guess it could be a bit chilly now