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Nov 20, 2007 12:24 PM

Italian in Providence

Looking for good italian in Providence. Casual upscale, nothing too loud.

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  1. Well, that rules out Sienna -- great food, but too loud :)
    I'll leave the experts to give you a positive answer.

    1. Casa Christine on Federal Hill, BYOB and cash only, the food is great.

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      1. re: Nutritionchef

        I am not familiar with Casa Christine? Any addt linfo/comments? Where on Federal Hill?

        1. re: ronald

          me neither, and always up to try a casual new place. Price point?

          1. re: ronald

            casa christine is Spruce street, it paralells Atwells avenue. It is just past the pizza place (home of the wimpy skimpy) Veal Pizziola and veal parm are great, cost max's out at 19.95, owner is great, once your a regular you'll agree.

          2. re: Nutritionchef

            I haven't been to Casa Christine, but if you search for it on this board, you will find several posts with more information. Here is one of the recent ones.

            1. re: Bluebird

              had lunch @ blue grotto yesterday and it was pretty good,casual etc.i dont know how it is at night though,but i would probably go back .everytime that weve tried to go to cafe christines weve gotten shut down,so cant really say anything except the lady is pretty non-friendly,which kinda intriques me a little.kinda like a club that im not a part of, but really wanna get in,someday.theres just so many italian place on the hill though,i dont think you can go wrong up there.

              1. re: im hungry

                Went to The Blue Grotto, and it was excellent. Prices weren't as high as I expected, $29 for a Veal Rib Chop stuffed with Prosciutto and Fontina, my wife had the Sweet Potato Gnocchi (made there) and those were out of this world. Great wine selection (Barolo, Amarone, Brunello offered by the glass). It was relaxing sitting by the fireplace without someone on top of you like too many restaurants are nowadays. I love Siena, but if your going for an experience that doesn't require you to "be seen", I'll take The Blue Grotto.