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Nov 20, 2007 11:49 AM

Sweetened Condensed Milk! If that didn't scare you...

...tell me what to do with it! I know and love Hello Dolly/Seven Layer bars...any other ideas??? Thanks!

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  1. condensed milk drizzled over fresh strawberries (if you can find them this time of year!)

    layered mint chocolate fudge:

    1. I used S&C milk for pumpkin pie filling.

      1. You can use sweetened condensed milk to make Dulce de leche, a wonderful Latin American caramel.

        Homemade Dulce de Leche

        I make it in a pressure cooker with canned sweetened condensed milk. Remove can label. Place sealed can in pressure cooker and cover completely with water. Seal pressure cooker. Bring up to pressure and set timer for 30-minutes. After 30-minutes at full pressure turn off heat. Let pressure fall naturally. When pressure is gone open pressure cooker. Place pressure cooker in sink and flush interior with cold water. Fill pressure cooker with cold water and let stand for a half hour to allow canned sweetended condensed milk to completely cool. Open can and enjoy.

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        1. re: Antilope

          Vietnamese coffee. Make double-strength coffee in a French filter pot (you are supposed to use coffee with chicory, but you can also just use French roast or whatever you like.) Pour the coffee into a glass mug. Put a layer of sweetened condensed milk on top. Stir, and enjoy.

          This works over ice, too.

          1. re: brendastarlet

            "Put a layer of sweetened condensed milk on top. Stir, and enjoy".

            if you are going to stir, why put it on top?

            1. re: FrankJBN

              i am not sure how brendastarlet does it. but most vietnamese coffee, the sweetened condensed milk is on the bottom of the glass and then the coffee is dripped down from a filter. at least that is how we do it in our house and when my dad orders it at vietnamese restaurants.

          2. re: Antilope

            I do what Antilope does often, and just in a large pot on the stove. I do three at a time for ease, they keeps a long time in your cabinet. Cover the cans about 2 inches above with water, bring the water to a boil and let it boil for 3 hours. Watch the water, if it gets close to the tops of the can, just add more hot water. (If the temperature goes below a boil for 5 or so minutes, it is no big deal.) After three hours, remove the cans with tongs, let them cool for a few hours and voila! Amazing caramel/dulce de leche. This is the only way I make caramel, it turns out so well.

            1. re: Tom P

              Ummm, this is exactly what is scary about SCM for me - I had a Peruvian roommate years ago with a prominent scar over her eye - from where the can of condensed milk exploded.
              She wasn't very good about watching the pot to make sure the water doesn't boil away.
              Still, I'm still afraid to try it. Possibly, might get up the courage to try it in a pressure cooker.
              LOL - I'm bookmarking this for all the SCM recipes in this thread - I just came here because discovered only have SCM instead of evap - I ALWAYS have evap milk - but not today, when I need it.
              I'll come back - this is a great board.

              1. re: yankintejas

                >>>Possibly, might get up the courage to try it in a pressure cooker.<<<

                what? *that* would scare me!

                1. re: yankintejas

                  I made it last night in the crock pot with a timer. Covered 3 cans with water, set it to 8 hrs on low, and when I got up they were still warm. Opened and VOILA! I'm having Vietnamese tasting coffee right now. I mixed the first can with a couple of tbs' of my handmade vanilla and it smoothed out. I'm going to put it in a pretty jar and gift it. They came out a nice dark brown.

                    1. re: TrueLongmont

                      I've never seen vietnamese coffee made with caramelized condensed milk, only seen/drunk it with the straight-from-the-can stuff.

                      1. re: TrueLongmont

                        You are doing a very dangerous cooking method. If ever you open one of those cans too early, you can end up w/serious sugar burns and I do mean SERIOUS! Also, caramel made that way, cans can explode and think of the mess you will have all over your kitchen? And what happens if you have children and one gets up, sees that and is curious - another accident waiting to happen. Your best bet is to make the same thing using a double boiler setup. Yea its a bit moe of a PITA, takes time, but in the long run much much SAFER! As always, it is your call, I'll take the safer route, and you can take the convenience, and trust me I'll get to Scottland most likely in one piece and w/out burns and scars.

                    2. re: Tom P

                      This is the favorite dessert of my Russian father. He boils the cans and just spreads the resulting creamy yumminess on bread.

                      1. re: Tom P

                        Tom P, you say that it keeps a long time in your cabinet. So, after you let the cans cool, you just put them back in your cabinet??

                        1. re: xiaobao12

                          There are safer methods for this.

                          right in the oven and you don't have to worry about potential injury.

                      1. re: FrankJBN

                        Scare us? I'm curious as to why? The Eagle Brands website is one of my favorite bookmarks.

                      2. It is probably one of the least scary things on the grocery shelf. It is only milk and sugar and no junk in it like preservatives or HFCS ... etc.

                        Here's a few ideas

                        Here's some recipes on Chow ... the rabanada sounds good

                        And here's a few more ideas from the board ...