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Are we the only ones with his & hers butter?

Kerrygold salted for me, Kate's unsalted for her. We both feel strongly enough about it that we have two active butter dishes at all times!

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  1. do you know if Kate's is available in fairfield county ct. had the salted version once and loved it.

    Obviously Mrs BobB has excellent taste.

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      Do you have a Whole FOods in Fairfield Cty Ct??? If so, ask them. That is where I buy Kate's butter in Massachusetts.

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        Thanks E. I found a whole foods a few towns over and called them. They do carry the butter. There's also a Vitamin Store in town that will order a case for me, but that's a lot of butter.

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    2. We're the same: I want to real thing, both salted and unsalted; he has the big old tub of I Can't Believe Its Not (I can believe it!). Me the purist that I am, I want the good stuff, I'm still convinced its better that what he uses. Same for mayo, I want the real stuff, he has to have Miracle Whip. Imagine, MW on a turkey sandwich? Ugh.

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        i don't use butter, she does. problem solved! there is only a "hers" tub. but the same with mayo, i use omega enhanced healthy stuff, she uses the real mccoy. and when i used to drink milk, i drank fat free(she wouldn't touch it). now there's only her 2% stuff in there. next to the soy "milk".

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          Miracle Whip?? Pah! I despise MW, but there are some savages who love the stuff. *shugders*

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            That's my savage ... MW all the way. Imagine, MW in egg salad, that's what's in his lunch today - gag!

        2. Kate's of Maine for me. Salted or not, as needed.

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            I tried Kate's salted, but went back to Kerrygold. Kate's is fine for cooking (and in fact in cooking I tend to use unsalted and then salt the dish to taste), but when it comes to good old-fashioned buttered toast Kerrygold had Kate's beat for both texture and taste - even when just out of the refrigerator it seems more spreadable. I suspect it has to do with European butter having a lower moisture content than US.

            1. re: BobB

              Yes, I suppose you're right. That's why like Plugra as well. Less moisture and more butterfat. Happy Thanksgiving!

          2. real unsalted butter for me.

            stupid, trendy "reduce your cholesterol 97% fat free GM modified tasteless pap" for him.

            But I'm not the one who had the heart attack.

            1. This was one of our big fights when we first got together, I thought Safeway (Lucerne) brand was just fine, he could only buy Challenge, (when we couldn't afford it) I have given up my fight, Challenge is now our cheap butter!!!!

              1. my ex hubby liked Anchor butter, I hated it and bought Lurpack for me and Anchor for him.

                1. Sort of. I like unsalted butter (don't remember the brand, but it's nothing real fancy), and Mrs. ricepad likes a butter/oil blend in a tub that is spreadable. Of course, that doesn't stop her from using the REAL butter in the butter bell...and leaving crumbs in it (grr)...but that's another story!

                  1. I understand this isn't exactly the same thing, but we keep 2 kinds of peanut butter in circulation: unsalted creamy for me, salted crunchy for the DP. Except his lasts longer because he's always raiding mine.

                    1. I like Cabbot's unsalted and my husband insists on Presidente salted from France. fayefood.com

                      1. butter no. Years ago we had his and hers bread--multigrain and white, mayo--full fat and lowfat, milk--whole and skim. he's making progress.
                        now we only have two peanut butters--crunchy for me and creamy for him.

                        1. It's usually Olivio for both me and my husband..but milk is another story. Skim milk for my husband, either soy, almond, or rice milk for me.