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Nov 20, 2007 11:17 AM

Highly Rated Central Texas Wine/Beverage

Looking for the highest quality, most highly rated wine or alcholic beverage from our area. Thoughts anyone? Price is no object, just quality.

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  1. I have always been fond of Tito's Vodka which is made in Austin. It has won quite a few awards, and I feel is a quality product. I particularly like it for making infused vodkas. (jalapeno vodka is my fave.)

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    1. re: Homero

      Tito's is both excellent and highly regarded. Dripping Springs Vodka is the same.

      1. re: Torckus

        Cool, I'll have to check that out!

        1. re: Torckus

          I tried the Dripping Springs Vodka, and while it makes an almost ethereal vodka tonic, you must be wary of the slightest bit over consumption as it has brutal after effects.

          If I'm having one vodka tonic, I want Dripping Springs vodka. Otherwise, I'll stick with the Tito's.

        2. re: Homero

          I have not tried it yet, but there is now a rum called "Treaty Oak" that is distilled here in Austin from Texas grown sugar cane (the last remaining sugar mill in TX, IIRC)

          I am also partial to Driftwood Vinyards ( and Texas Hills Vineyards ( \. I don't know if the true 'wine snobs' will like them, but I do.

        3. I think you can even get Tito's at Costco's liquor store which you don't have to be a member, just need cash or a check. Always nice to save some dinero with the holidays coming up

          1. I think Alamosa wines are some of the best in Texas. Also look for Caprock wines and Kim Mcpherson's selections. And Becker Vineyards too has many fine wines, especially their Viognier.

            1. I really like both of the citrus liqueurs made by Texacello - Paula's Texas Orange and Paula's Texas Lemon.


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                I bought a bottle of Paula's Texas Lemon for Christmas and my family loved it. It's very strong.. a little goes a long way, but the taste is wonderful. We mixed it with 7 -Up and drank quite a bit of it in one evening. Next time I go home I'll be taking a bottle of the orange and another bottle of lemon.

              2. Was at a private wine-tasting at Grapevine the other night and somebody was showing me a rum made in Austin that is supposedly quite good. Haven't tried it myself.

                As noted below, Dripping Springs vodka is another one, and I've read lots of good things about that.

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                1. re: Nab

                  Yes, Treaty Oak Rum. That's one of the ones I'm going to use.

                  1. re: amysuehere

                    Yea, that's the one !

                    What, may I ask, are you going to "use" it for ?

                    1. re: Nab

                      Last year for the holiday, we gave everyone Coopers mail order. This year, we're making a basket for everyone.

                      Think we'll do Treaty Oak Rum, Paula's Texas Spirits (think maybe the orange), and a nice bottle of Super-premium least that's where it stands today.