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Nov 20, 2007 11:14 AM

Just got back from my honeymoon...

And realized I completely forgot to make a reservation for my (now) husbands birthday that's now just 2 1/2 weeks away before I left. He's been reading the Omnivores Dilemma and has been hinting that he'd like to go somewhere that serves local produce.

His birthday falls on a Saturday, which makes this especially difficult. First choice was Blue Hill Stone Barns, but that's booked (we're on the wait list though), Blue Hill in Manhattan is booked too. Gramercy Tavern for the back area is booked (would consider the tavern room, but we go there often so it doesn't have that "special occasion" feel). Made a reservation at Hearth, but haven't been in over 2 years and haven't heard much about how it is recently. Any insight there would be appreciated!

And here's where I turn to you. I've had a one-track mind with wedding planning for so long I feel out of touch with other restaurants that fall into this category. Any other suggestions are very much appreciated!


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  1. Eleven Madison Park or Asiate may work...both are very different from one another, but each is a nice "special occasions" restaurant with vegetarian/pescatarian options.

      1. hearth was okay with me when i went back in october. i had some veal cheeks with pork belly...or something along those was quite good. so was the meatball special.

        the service was a bit too overdoing it for my taste. we left stuffed...which is rare for a restaurant like hearth.

        overall, id recommend it but its not a favorite.

        1. telepan. or trek it over to park slope at applewood.

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            Try Vice Versa.
            I spent my anniversary there and loved every minute of it.

          2. Vice Versa is a great idea, but I thought I would also mention Compass. Both are pretty easy to get reservations.